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Good fix for pulling?

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I've been struggling with an outside-in swing path for years which sometimes causes slicing, but over time I've manipulated my club face enough to where it's usually just a straight pull or a gentle fade.  I've tried a few things but I always seem to revert back to my outside-in swing.

I found this video on YouTube that looks perfect for me.  The question is, is this good advice?  I've been told from a young age to start the downswing with the lower part of my body, but I haven't been focusing on this recently.  I've done a few practice swings after watching this video and it feels pretty good, but I know my timing is going to be off unless I work on this for a few weeks.  Before doing that, I need some confirmation that this is what I should be doing.


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This is exactly what my local pro has me working on this week.   Hips fire first and then the hands.   Along with tempo, this is "my" key to getting my out to in swing path corrected.

I also got a metronome for my phone to help with the tempo.   A three count, like a waltz,  to slow down the transition from the top of the back swing.  One - on the take away, Two - at the top (a pause), and three - swing thru.   When I can get the swing to work with these corrections, the ball flies off of the club face.


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Filming your swing would really help.  You can see the cause of the out-in-path and work to correct it.  For me, it was not getting my weight forward enough during the downswing and getting my right elbow stuck behind me.  This caused my arms to rotate as my hip did, hence out to in.

It will take a while to correct with practice.  Check out the 5 Simple Keys videos in the Swing Thoughts section.  Also check the Elbow position thread.  This one really helped me.  They have simply drills and will really help.

On the course, open the face up a bit if you are having the "pulls".  It is sometimes hard to correct the swing path during play.  This will at least help keep the ball in the fairway or close to it.

Best of luck.


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    • You can have them tested for lie to see if they are too upright or flat. They won't adjust cast clubs typically because they will likely break, but you can still have them tested. I used to have this done at Dick's SG, but I don't know if they still do it since they got rid of all their pros.
    • If they work well for you then you probably don't need to pick up some new clubs unless you really want to. I would say analyze your game and see where your weaknesses are then see if new clubs would help that issue. For instance having large gaps between clubs or having a consistent miss like always going right/left or thin/heavy.
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    • I saw the same thing when I did my little bit of internet research yesterday, it looks like the PGA apprentice training is aimed at those who will end up working at a golf club.  I know from my club that the job of the PGA staff includes managing day-to-day golf operations, running the retail pro-shop business, running club tournaments, marketing and running outside golf events, as well as a bit of instruction.  @iacas, do you know what percentage of PGA (or other) golf professionals are in this type of situation, as opposed to those who concentrate almost entirely on instruction as you do? Another update from Florida, Paul's 70 put him in a 5-way tie for second, two behind the leader.  Unless he breaks a leg, he seems likely to make the cut at the end of today and move on to the weekend.  I wish the PGA had real-time scoring, so I could watch through the day!
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