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Rocketballz fct help

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Hi there. Iooking to buy the first rocketballz driver and have a quick question. I'd like to have a 10* loft but I have a fade. Would a 9* driver with the loft adjusted to 10* have a more closed face than a 10* driver on neutral setting?

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I believe that increasing the loft opens in the club face, so it would create a fade, at least that's how it was on my old s3

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the driver is draw biased, the tour version is fade biased.

turning your club in slightly will give you the same effect, but doesn't replace fixing your swing. try not to swing as hard and keep your head down. this will assist in hitting it straight. then increase swing speed when you can consistently hit it straight.

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    • I thin that the fastest solution would likely be to practice your putting distance control and improve with your current equipment, but it is possible that your putter is a weight that will not work well for you. A way you could test it out is by going, ideally, to a course with several different types of putters for sale and asking if you could test them against your current putter on the practice green. Not all courses will do this, but many of the better courses will allow it if you leave the plastic on the putter or if they have a demo. You could also ask any golfing partners you have if you could borrow their putters to try out.
    • https://www.strackaline.com/#/course?courseId=696 It says that the Moon Valley book is event locked. I can't seem to find exactly what that means, but my guess is that it sounds like the course does not want the slope of their greens handed out to anyone and everyone unless they're playing in an event at the course. The website gives a number, however, to the phone of a man named Ben Malamitsas on that page to contact for pricing information and I'm sure he could give you a better idea of what the "event locked" designation means.
    • They have an online store. Don't know about your particular course. -Best, Marv
    • No, the hips do not move more than a few millimeters, maybe a centimeter at most, during a normal fundamentally sound putting stroke. The small amount of movements is just a small side to side sway caused by swinging a ~340 gram weight on a pendulum-esque arc while it's attached to your body. It's not a large enough movement to require the hips to turn. It's primarily a back and forth rocking motion, at least for me, of the shoulders. The hips have no place in the putting swing for me, and I haven't seen a proficient putter yet who does deliberately turn or sway with their hips, only very small motions that are side effects of swinging a weight around.
    • Those clubs you KNOW when you hit the sweet spot. Had a perfectly pure 4-iron on Friday afternoon that prompted Erik to ask me whether I needed a change of pants afterwords, but then again I probably was just getting a bit excited in the middle of the competition. If you hit a fair number of shots with them you can see if the penalty for mishits is acceptable to you based on how often and how badly you usually miss. The sweet spot is definitely a bit different than hitting it solid. Solid is going to feel really nice, and it's going to fly well, but the sweet spot is that ball that usually goes further than you expected. It's the drive you got 15 extra yards on, or the iron shot that flew the pin to land at the back of the green.   
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