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Looking for advice on current bag setup

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I'm looking for some opinions on what I am currently carrying in my bag.

Driver - RBZ RocketBallz 10.5 Tour TP - Turned down to 9.5

2H - RBZ Stage 2 Tour 16.5 - Turned down to 15.

3H - RBZ RocketBallz Tour 18.5 - With ProjectX 6.0 shaft

3H - Nike SQ Machspeed 21

4H - Nike SQ Machspeed 23

6-PW - Nike SQ Machspeed

Wedge - Cleveland CG16 52 degree

Wedge - Ben Hogan Sure Out 56 degree

Wedge - Cleveland CG16 58 degree

Clubs owned but not in bag - 3W, 5W Callaway Razr X Black, 5 Iron Nike SQ Machspeed

So I have a few options I would like your opinions on.

1. Do I swap the 2/3H RBZ's for my 3W/5W and learn how to hit them as well as my hybrids? Is it worth it? Is it "legal" to carry 4 hybrids?

2. My current setup omits my 5 Iron, to keep my bag at the regulated 14 clubs (also my bag only allows 14 clubs).  This creates a distance gap as I can hit my 4H consistently in the 190 range, my 6iron is in the 170 range. My 5 iron is in the 180 range.

3. If I re-add my 5 iron I would need to eliminate a wedge. The PW would be the most likely club eliminated as it is 45 degrees vs my 9 iron which is 41 degrees. There's maybe a 5 yard difference between the two.

4. The fourth option is to stop trying to micro-manage my bag and leave it as is.


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Sign up (or log in) today! It's free (and you won't see this ad anymore)!

If you can learn to hit the 3W and 5W consistently, it probably would increase your distance on long shots. But, some people just get more out of hybrids than FWs. A local pro told me he added an RBZ Tour 3W to his bag last spring, the first time in 3 years he carried a true FW.

Questions for you:

* What is distance gap between Nike 21* and 23* hybrids?

* Can you hit the 5i OK?

If you can hit the 5i reliably, could you drop the 23* and learn to choke up on the 21* to shave a little yardage?

You don't give us much info other than what's in your bag. What is your HDCP? What distances do you get out of Driver, and the RBZ 2H and 3H? What is the strong part and weak part of your game?


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I am currently in the process of calculating my HDCP I would estimate it at a 15-20 right now.

My distances based on GolfLogix GPS (iPhone)

D - 250 avg

2H - 232 avg

3H TM - 219 avg

3H Nike - 204 avg (I have been able to hit this at varying distances, can comfortably control it as low as 180 by

4H - 193 avg (3/4 swing will get me to the 160-180 range depending on how hard I swing) I have however hit this as long as 201.

5I - 170 avg

6I - 157 avg

I can definitely hit my 4H better then my 5I but eliminating the 5I gives me a large distance gap.

My strong part is my short game within 130 yards.

My historically weak part is my long game.. 175+ out. I have been working hard on this and through the introduction of the hybrids and a new driver/some coaching I have been able to straighten this out. I plan on taking a couple lessons this month as well. I have been focusing on straightening out my shot and adding length off the tee consistently.


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the number of times you will hit the green from outside of 200 yards is very low.  If your handicap is around 15-20, I think you should probably not worry about trying to hit the green from 230+ and consider dropping the 2H to pick up the 5i.

Having never seen your game, I think that if inside of 130 is your preferred distance, when you are outside of 230 you would probably be better suited to manage the course and lay up to a preferred spot which would give you a better shot to get it on the green and putt it from close.


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As for your wedges, take a look at how long the shafts are on each. While numbered irons normally have 1/2" increments in shaft length, wedges often drop down to 1/4".

How are your yardage gaps on the unusual mix of wedges? You might be able to get by with three wedges if you drop the SQ PW, and go with all CG16, to keep them in the family. A wedge fitting might be the way to go. Several golf shops have unhit CG16s on the rack, if you can find the right combo to add to what you have.

You said, however, that your short game is strong. Maybe this unusual mix of wedges (plus the 7*, 4* and 2* loft gaps) works for you.

Also, are you thinking about replacing irons? If so, do that before you redo your wedges.


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I actually just replaced my iron set with the machspeed's late in the season last year. I'm really enjoying them.. only recently started introducing additional wedges. I used to only carry the PW and a 58 then brought in the 56 as it was a free club and hits out of the sand very very nicely.

My distances in my wedges are:

9I - 134 avg

PW - 123 avg

54 - 112 avg

56 - I only ever use out of heavy rough or sand, never in a full swing so my avg is below 50.

58 - 75 avg but again rarely rarely a full hit. on the range I can hit it around 90 with a full swing.

I have noticed ever since the addition of my 54 I find myself hitting the 54 or my 9 more then my PW. Might drop to the 3 wedges.

Thanks for all of the input!!


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    • (Feel free to move if this isn't an appropriate location) I purchased a SkyTrak launch monitor, and I have been very pleased with the product thus far. I feel that my review/experiences over the past few years may be able to help some or create good discussion on practicing. I don't have practice facilities readily accessible (25 min drive), so I've spent countless hours refining my swing in my garage with a mat/net.  3 years ago I was a 12 hcp and often struggled to make consistent solid contact, but have since lowered my hcp to the 4-6 range. It took a little while to learn the "feel" of different hits/misses while hitting into a net, but I was soon able to identify many different misses (fat, thin, toe, big slice, duck hook, etc) as well as a relatively solid hit.  It was easy to make improvements to my swing, because the difference between my "better" shots and my "worse" shots was easy to determine.   As I continued to improve my ball striking on the mat, I saw positive (although somewhat delayed) results on the course.  Last year, I had finally eliminated the majority of major mis-hits, and my "worse" shots turned into smaller draws and slices as well as small errors in distance control and starting flight path. I found that my mat/net practice sessions mostly consisted of solid feeling hits that went in the general vicinity of my target.  I was no longer getting specific enough feedback to further hone my ball striking.  I would spend a full week practicing what felt great at home, but when I took it to the course, I realized that I actually had a mild-moderate slice/draw that I wasn't aware of.  Basically, it was like hitting an 8 iron and knowing that my ball likely landed somewhere on the green or fringe, but, but not knowing if it was left, right, short, or long. I spent more time going to the range and hitting the course, but my schedule just doesn't allow me to go more than once or twice per week.  My improvement plateaued.   I did some research, and ultimately settled on the $2k SkyTrak instead of the variety of different options.  I considered the Optishot2 and GC2 based on other reviews, but ultimately settled with an in-between.   It was easy to setup, and after 5 minutes of experimenting with different ball positions, I've found it to be very accurate and consistent to the best that I can tell.  I can't attest to the accuracy of the more specific measurements (spin, launch angle, club head speed, etc), but what I "feel" seems to be very consistent with what I see.  The only thing that doesn't "feel" like what I see, is that my stock standard "good" feeling shot has a decent draw to it instead of being straight (remember my problem above?).  Adjusting my baseline "feel" to what is reality, any shots that feel like a draw actually show up as a bigger draw, and what feels like a fade is actually a straight shot.   I can consistently judge a fade, draw, flighted, flop, and my carry to within ~5 yards after I strike the ball.  It truly feels like I'm hitting on the range but with more specific information at my disposal (carry, launch angle, max height, spin).  Even if the numbers aren't perfectly accurate, they seem to be accurate relative to other shots within the same launch monitor (aka spin numbers increase and decrease as would be expected based on swing/club, even if I can't confirm their overall accuracy). I have no clue if SkyTrak was the best bang-for-buck, or if there are better products out there.  I also haven't been able to take it outdoors to confirm flight patterns.  It seems like a very poor setup for anyone wanting to take it to the range - indoor mat/net setup is its niche from my understanding.   I'm only a week in to using it, so my feeling may change over time, but I thought I would share my experience and offer to answer any questions if anyone has them.  Happy golfing!
    • So, I have another lesson on saturday but I've been working hard maintaining my posture during the swing. Over the last few months i developed a trend where on the down swing i would lean my left shoulder toward the ball and my right shoulder would come under and 4 times out of 5 i hit the ball fat. Yesterday's range session showed tremendous improvement, and i was back to hitting good shots again. Now that I have this down, I think it's time for another lesson so I can work on whatever he tells me next. Also, I bought a nike blades 4 iron for fun because I've always liked the look of blades but don't have the balls to actually play them, and I was shocked at how much distance I got, even on mishits. I was even more surprised when I put it on a tee and was hitting the ball almost as far as my 3 wood... just a lot more accurate. Can anyone say Beginners Luck? I think the true cause for this is actually the loft of the 4 iron. The one i have now(Cobra King Forged TEC), has so little loft it feels like i'm attempting to hit driver off the deck and is super tough to hit.
    • We missed some birthdays yesterday: @Bechambo, @Danny The Pin Seeker, @Rick_D, and @ScottHoganGolf. Happy birthday!
    •   Thanks guys! Got to take the kids to the driving range, in Michigan, in mid-Feb! Not bad at all. 
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