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hand me down clubs

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I just started playing golf last month. It has been a little rough to say the least. My father used to play a lot( he almost made it to the pga tour but didn't get out of q-school). I have seen what a golf shot should look like. The ball launches off the club face like it was shot out of a cannon, but with an effortless looking swing. He bought a set of taylormade tour burner irons in 1995 or 1996 and he has a set of powerbilt tps irons from 1991 or 1992. I am not sure how much forgiveness these irons have. It sure doesn't seem like they have a lot, but that probably has a lot more to do with my swing than the irons. I don't want to spend 700 or more for a new set. Has technology changed so much that I should go out and get a more up to date set? Would learning to play the game with these older irons hurt my development in any way? Thanks.

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My brother has the tps 6.0 and I have tried the 7.0. Both would be still on par with current irons for forgiveness. Would use either club without a second tought. The older TPS are a bit of an Ping Eye 2 copy. Not a bad thing as they are a reliable design that people still play today. You would likely want to upgrade in the future though.

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I started golfing a couple of months ago too and I would advice to get some lessons from a pro.

while you're father probably can teach you a lot of things he might not be the best person to learn you the basics.

My instructor started it part by part so not directly trying to hit a full swing where the club goes behind your back and your left shoulder comes all the way to the right.

The golf instructor is also a good person to advice you if the set you are using now is a good to start with I would guess.


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I'd stick with the using the TaylorMade's...    And yes they are probably better than starting out with a "cheapo" iron set...

And i wouldnt think using these irons would hurt you at all....   jmo  goto the local driving range and just hit a like 4 or 5 big buckets of balls...  And dont worry so much about how far your hitting the ball, just work on hitting the ball straight..

And depending on your area that you live in, someone at the range could probably give you some advise on your swing and some helpful hints too..

Here's a story i sometimes tell to guys about my brothers first set of irons...  So back in 2000??  some a few of the guys i worked we all started golfing and I had my cheapo set, which was cheap, and then bought my boss's cheapo set which actually wasnt bad for being a no name set...

Anyways one day i'm out n about at a garage sale and see a cheap set of irons for sale and buy them for my brother...  Well he started golfing and used these for a couple years, and actually was pretty good with them...   Well when he graduated from Michigan state he bought a new set of clubs, some Wilson deep reds..   And as the Story goes he actually just wanted to replace his 7iron that broke, and when he was at a Golf Store he is trying to explain to the guy the type of irons he has.. Well he finally gets them from his car and brings them to the guy and the guy started laughing cuz he had not seen a set of irons that old in a long time....

I knew the set was old, but didnt know how old.... I'm guessing they was from the 80s???  i think they were Wilson's or Titleist's  idk...  but a true old school blade..

Well my brother basically said after using the old irons for so long and then going to a new set of Wilson cavity backs, it was so much easier to hit the new irons...

So in all reality using old irons and then switching to new irons isnt always bad...


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