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How do these two grips compare?

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Just generally speaking all wrap style grips are going to have very few differences, tacky, not the greatest in rain, and somewhat soft. I use tour wraps and love them. If you like the tour wraps stick with those, if not go to dicks or any golf store they always have bins of grips that you can feel up and see how you like

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You will not be disappointed with the P2's. I use the PURE Pro myself but I've put the P2 grips on quite a few of my buddy's clubs and they all love them. While I've not used the GP Tour Wraps I have used other GP grips and I can say there's no question in my mind that PURE's will last a lot longer. I was hesitant to try PURE's myself for the first time and now I'd never put anything else on my clubs. I would suggest you do the same thing iacas suggested to me: email PURE (or on Twitter) and ask them if they would send you a sample of the P2 to try. My guess is they'd be more than happy to. Best company I've ever dealt with bar none.

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    • I like to think I leave the course better than I found it.  This includes ball marks, divots and trap raking (not that I am ever in traps).  I fix lots of ball marks on almost every hole.  I play mostly private and they are not a lot better than the public courses I play on. I use a single tine tool or a tee.  FWIW at a  country club that I play regularly they give out the single tine tool and their "how to" specifically says do not twist a forked tool it breaks the roots. http://foregreens.com/images/ForeGreens_0009.jpg
    • Shoot upper 50s and sun with minimal wind is borderline shorts weather! I prefer cooler ish temps like that anyway, I dont sweat as much and I dont fatigue as quickly at cooler temps.
    • Expect it to be in the 50s in PH area as well in December. Not exactly Florida weather but for you northerners 50s would be a heat wave..
    • I think it's a matter of style - now if you ask shiny v. satin, I have a strong preference as to satin - I don't like shine. Give me dull industrial, flat black or satin.
    • I know you've lost control of the discussion, but still, it's an interesting question.  Although some people seem to be saying one has to be "highly skilled" to even tell if you've hit the sweet spot, which kind of closes the discussion.  That's kind of irritating.  But like I said before, perhaps it would have been better to ask, "How often do you THINK you've hit the sweet spot?"  Then there are no wrong answers.  Because then I don't have to say I actually hit the sweet spot, just that I THINK I hit the sweet spot.  And no one can tell me I didn't think that.  I think I hit the sweet spot 3 or 4 times per round, but it is also possible that my definition of "sweet spot" is looser than other people's definition.  Then there are other people in this thread who are alleging that if you hit the sweet spot the ball will fly way over your target.  I find it hard to believe that golf clubs would be designed so that if you make a perfect strike on the perfect spot, the ball will unexpectedly fly the green.  That doesn't seem like good golf club design.  The whole thread is kind of irritating, to tell the truth.  I appreciate your starting it.  I think it was a good question, even if phrased a little wrong.     
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