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Any advice on fitting me for a new driver?

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I currently have an 8.5 degree Taylormade R80 with an aldilla nv65 stiff shaft.  I went to Dick's sporting goods and hit some drivers on their matt with a machine which measured my swing speed at 87-89, ball speed at 130-132, launch angle at 17 degrees, and spin at 2100-2200.  According to the chart on the wall which had various ball speeds and accompanying launch angles and spin, I needed 14-16 degrees launch and 3500-3700 spin.  The drivers I hit were 10.5 degree regular shaft, and one 9.5 stiff.  I also hit my current driver and didn't seem to hit it significantly worse than the others.  My ball striking was solid with most hits on the sweet spot.  My question is what should I be looking for in terms of shaft and driver head degree based on the data I received.  Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Thanks.  I was wondering if there is such a thing as too low spin.  Would I need more spin with my 130 ball speed?  The launch chart seemed to indicate that was the case.  If so, how do you achieve this other than using a high spinning ball?  Would a 10.5 degree face offer more spin than a 9.5?  Is there something in a shaft I should look for that would help my numbers such as kick points and tips etc.?  I turn 65 soon and know that my swing speed will only get slower.


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look at an adjustable driver- most are that way now of course.     10.5 loft good to start with - since the new drivers are lower spinning machines these days..    may need an upgraded shaft - something a touch lower torque than the stock offerings..  3.9* for example..   for control purposes..    good options>  jetspeed by taylor made, ping G20, callaway x2hot coming out.   good forgiveness in these models and shaft upgrades nice also..   flex: regular and look at getting the driver to play at 45'' length.    again a good control length and plenty of distance still.

loft: 10.5 for forgiveness and control..     spin will be fine as - it helps with lower swing speeds - to get the max launch..      go test drive a few..


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    • I disagree on several levels. 1. Most golfers have an error earlier on in their swing that causes faults at impact. 2. Most golfers gain setting speed when their sequencing improves. 3. It's literally impossible to tell your body to do something a foot before impact and have it occur before about mid-follow-through. Your last chance is just after transition. 4. Rolling your wrists is too timing sensitive. 5. Most bad golfers (who slice) have a clubface pointing left of the target at impact.
    • I'm talking about the presidential race. Like it or not many probably don't go if they don't care about the presidential race. I think it would be significant.
    • I think that's part of what bothered me so much is that it's not the most difficult course and I've been playing pretty well (for my skill level) recently.  With the wind and the greens having the holes cut where they were, it was getting out of control.  I only had 27 putts, but that's because I was chipping or putting from off the green on the majority of the holes. I wish I was good enough to do that.  The pin on the 109 yard hole was an inviting pin.  The trouble was to the left side of the green.  I actually hit what I thought was a really good shot, but the wind actually knocked the ball down from behind.  I hit a 115 yard club on that hole, so I was playing for behind the hole.  Still... the one guy that did hit the green was about 20 feet behind the hole and his putt looked like it was going to be perfect.  It was about 3 feet beyond the hole and then it caught the slope and took off down the hill and off the green into the valley where the other 3 of us started from.

      We asked afterwards if that was maybe the case but the guy we spoke to said he didn't know anything about it.  We assumed maybe the guy who cut the holes caught his wife with another man or something the night before. It was a busy Saturday.  We still finished in 4 hours, but when we ran into other groups, they all commented on the holes too. 

      Luckily, only 1 hole was noticeably cut on a slope.  That was the 16th hole and the combination of where the pin was located and that the hole was cut on a slope meant that a par was an amazing score there.  Only 1 of us managed to make par on that hole.  I believe I made double (topped my drive, lay up to about 85 yards short, wedge was just right of the hole and rolled down the hill, chipped up but the ball had no check so it rolled off the back side into the rough by a bunker, flopped the ball with a full swing from 25 feet to within 2 feet and tapped in).  

      Meh... I guess it's just sour grapes.  I definitely didn't play well but... I was hoping to blame it on whoever set up the course that day.  

    • I know this post is several months old, but I just finished watching Jim Hardy's video s
    • At our club championship this year, our pro deliberately placed the pin in positions I had never seen on the course before (either just behind or in front of bunkers, on the most steeply sloping part of the green, etc.). Fair enough - you have to deal with whatever pin positions are chosen, but more than half the participants complained that there was no way they could play anything approaching their normal game, and the scores were pretty bad. I would say that 75% of the pin positions were more difficult than normal - a few tough ones would be ok, but - as Groucho Valentine said above - it spoiled the day for a lot of the people hoping to at least put in a decent round at the most important competition of the year.
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