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Cobra Love

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shihtappens    2

Any other Cobra lovers out there? I am a recent convert. Evangelical, even. I finally bought some new technology --- well, 2012, anyway. AMP driver, 3W and 5W. Very impressed. My R7 is very bitchy these days, staring at me with hatred from her cold station in the garage...

I lust the 2014 Bio Cell+ -- the technology all seems legit. (That slightly slanted sweet spot - cuz we tend to hit low in the heel and high on the toe - just makes sense.) Will wait a bit and hopefully can score some next spring, on da bay. (Chris Farley - RIP - "DA 'bay." I can just hear it.)

Plus I really like doing the cobra-arm-snake-strike-hissing-motion-sound after DARTING a 5W onto a par 5 from waybackthere. Confirms my playing partners' common belief that I am, at best, a childish assbag with a mustard-stained golf shirt. Know thyself, I always say.

Stay classy out there.

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Tee2Trees    8

I liked the sound from my HS9.  Wish I would have kept it but the L5V that replaced it sounds pretty good too.  The new woods don't seem any better than the current Callaway or Taylormade stuff.

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lajito64    0
i love Cobra. I just bought a S3 driver off ebay. love the E9 face. i have been researching drivers for a while and i knew it would help me get better contact since i'm a newbie to the sport. i've read the amp cell pro is a beast so i'm waiting for next year for the price to drop on the used ones. anyway, i love Cobra. even the baffler irons...how they help out the beginners like me. love that the company focuses on everyone.

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BuckeyeNut    174

I had a Cobra Titanium driver Circa 1994-1995 when titanium drivers were still in their infancy.   Back then, I hit the ball on the upswing(still do), but I'd sometimes bottom out behind the ball and brush the grass before starting the upswing.....and the damn thing would throw sparks if the ground was dry!!  LOL...no joke!

That driver was a fire hazard!  hahaha

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Russtopher    1

I'm playing a Cobra driver now that I picked up off a friend for $10. It's offset which has really helped me off the tee, but it's older so I'm sure that today's driver with newer technology might perform a bit better. Also, this thing is LOUD. Like, guys down at the other end of the range look over when I start hitting it loud.

I'm planning on picking up a new driver after Christmas, and the Amp Cell is high on my list to check out after the rave reviews it's gotten online.

A good friend of mine is a 7hcp and has some older King Cobra irons in his bag that he doesn't want to swap out.

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

shihtappens    2

Informative video here:

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    • Maybe for some of them. That green complex looked brutal tho. Not really a good bailout for where the pin was. I think men would have struggled with that pin position too. 
    • The very latest.  Still across the line...finding it hard to work on that and get it fixed.  The downswing/hands in and extending part is going well though.  I've been setting up closer to the ball since I didn't like the posture I saw earlier this year.  I really like where that is at right now. Problems?  Still consistency.  When I'm on, I'm on and it feels good.  Miss is just a straight pull...not a hook.  If I keep my right elbow/forearm tucked in I almost never have the over-the-top pull. Oh, and sorry about the red @iacas.  I'm in the blue camp, not @mvmac's red.    
    • Yeah, and a convinient bail out spot for short left shots. 
    • I do a mix of all those things. Except massage..they hurt.. When i was younger i used to be all into super prep and trying to map out the course i was going to be playing to the shot. Then in the tournament i dont hit the shots anywhere near i planned out anyway... I played better once i stopped doing that because i felt i was free to just play the shot in front of me, instead of being frustrated that my round wasn't following some script i made up. I think its important to have good survey of the property where you're playing and have a general plan of attack that fits your game, but dont overdo it.  As far a scoring goes, bogeys don't kill you. Doubles or more do. Bogey should always be your in mindset after a miserable shot, and if you get par or better in the process - bonus!  Trying to play hero recovery shots most often leads to big numbers. Take whats in front of you, even though it may taste like weaksause sometimes.  But I would say overall, focus and self confidence is the biggest weapon you're going to have. Know that you belong and feeling like you're the best player there. If you dont win, its because you let someone else win, not because you're not the best.   Dont worry about what your playing partners are doing. They are not putting the ball in the hole for you. Play your game to the best you got and you'll be fine. Enjoy yourself. Theres no better rush in golf than competition. Its a reward in itself. 
    • Does anyone experience hitting sand shots that hardly get off the sand and hit the inside of the bunker?  I am experiencing this bladed shot and don't know why so I'm open to suggestions.  I worked on it today and I seem to be much better off hitting a normal pitch like shot out of the bunker as opposed to opening the face, exposing the bounce, etc.  Interested in any thoughts.   
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