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Help with Ping and Nike fitting system carts please!

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jes515    0

Hey Everyone! I have been searching high and low trying to find some information on these 2 fitting systems I have. Let me first say, I know very little about golf. I buy and resell for a living, and recently came across a golf store closing and I cleaned it out for the contents. I have all the displays and advertisements figured out. I will just ebay/craigslist those. However, I have these 2 fitting systems leading me to a dead end. I have no clue what to ask on these and the best way to market them for sale. I ended up listing the Ping last night on ebay with a high buy it now or best offer to see what kind of offers I would get. I don't know if it is listed to high and will just cause people to keep scrolling. The Nike on is much nicer and actually comes with some fitting shafts and all the separate cases. I would really appreciate any and all help you could offer me with these. Is ebay the best way to go? What should I ask for them? The Ping cart can easily be shipped, but, the Nike cart weighs to much and will probably be local pick up only. I was also wondering about the shafts that came with the Nike system. Should I list those separate or are they useless without the system. I don't know if they are shafts that could be used since they have no clubs on the end? I have attached some pictures, and can add more if you need. Thank you in advance for your help with this! I am so out of my element here!

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Nemicu    3

I hate to say it, but other than a casual interest to someone who likes or collects Nike/Ping memorabilia, both items (including the shafts) are pretty much worthless.

Anyone who needs a fitting cart probably has an account with Nike or Ping - in which case they get one for free. If you're not an authorised Nike or Ping dealer - why would you need a fitting cart for irons you can't get? The same applies to the shafts - they only work with Nike fitting carts heads. If you don't have the Nike fitting cart heads, then you're screwed. If you DO have fitting cart heads, you're probably an authorised dealer who has a fitting cart and the shafts that go with them already....

....in which case, you have a two carts that are pretty difficult to sell. No offence, but if you really do buy and sell for a living, then it's best to stick with what you know. Did it not occur to you that any of the residual stock left in a golf store (i.e. left behind because it's not worth anything?) was largely worthless?

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jes515    0
Thank you for your response. If i only stuck with what i know, there would be a lot i still didn't know. This is how I learn, when new stuff comes up, and i take a chance on it. I have only my time in this, so nothing really to loose. As far as it all being worthless...I've already made a nice bit of money on some of the displays and advertisement signs I've sold. These were the only two pieces I've ran into a problem with. I think there is a buyer out there somewhere who would love them. :)

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Nemicu    3

Well - best of luck. The Nike system looks like a better option for someone to use to store tools in a garage or something like that. The Ping could be converted into a soap box cart with an extra set of wheels lol.

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DocParty    2

You have not stated, exactly, what is included. The carts themselves are useless. The heads and other components, depending on what year they were produced are the only value and not a lot.

I'm a fitter, FORE! Play Golf Smithing and I'd be interested in hearing and seeing what actually is included in each of the carts. Maybe even a link to your ebay store?

Depending on what you are asking I may be interested.

The new ones have come out and with @ 50 components c ost @ $ 1000.00 to $1500.00. This is a brand new system with the latest irons and drivers from company "x".


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