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Shafts on my woods....

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I am a LEFT HANDER playing off 6 and here is my current selection of woods:


Titelist 910H 19deg

Setting: C3

Shaft: Diamana Kai'li 80 Hub Mid Flex-R


Titelist 910F 15deg

Setting: B2

Shaft: Diamana I'lima 71 Mid-Hi Flex-S


Titelist 910D 10.5deg

Setting: B2

Shaft: Diamana 'Ahina 72 Low-Mid Flex-S

My problem is this:

The distances I average are as follows:

Hybrid: 210-220 Yards

3-Wood: 250-270 Yards

Driver: 230-250 Yards

Is there anything in the setup above that suggests a reason why I can quite comfortably out-hit my driver with my 3-wood? Based on my Hybrid and 3-wood distances why arent I getting 260-290 out of my driver?

They are 2nd Hand clubs so I have heard that shafts can deteriorate over time but anything else look obvious?

All advice gratefully received



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Welcome to the site..

You have 3 different stock Titleist shafts.

The Diamana Kai'li 80 Hub Mid Flex-R is the mid launch shaft.  The Diamana I'lima 71 Mid-Hi Flex-S is a high launch shaft and the Diamana 'Ahina 72 Low-Mid Flex-S is a low launch shaft.  They all perform differently.

The 'Ahina may be the issue as it is for higher swing speeds and is the heaviest and stiffest of the three.   I had the Kai'li regular, but my fitter switched this out to a higher launching shaft.  I have the ilima stiff in my 4 and 5W and really like it.  It is better than the Kai'li IMO.

Which shaft feels best to you?  Also, what is you driver swing speed and launch?  This would really determine what you need for the driver shaft.


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