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Penalties at Masters

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I read that Luke was called out for a bunker penalty, add 2, and Sneds thought he saw his ball move, add 1 but can i learn from any web site all the penalties assessed during the 4 rounds?  Last year of course we observed 2 GIANT infractions which caught everyone attention notably by Woods and Guan but 2014 has been quiet.

Can i find penalty strokes on the scorecard. as posted on PGA tour web site?


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No way that I know of, but there are 100's. every time someone dunks a ball in the water a penalty results.....

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    • If it has helped you, great. My experience has been that I have heard pitches for countless "magic devices" over the years that end up in a closet somewhere because they don't really fix anything. This sounds like another one of those devices.
    • He has several more videos on his web page that addresses various uses, cautions, e.t.c.  worth taking a look. Just Google Chili wacker. 
    • Nothing scientific but most of the people I know who live in NY and are republicans understand their vote is worthless in a Presidential election here, we vote mostly for local representatives.  I think the all or nothing (except Maine and Nebraska) is understood by most though they may not understand it's conducted through the Electoral college.   I would think most republicans in CA realize their vote is worthless in a POTUS election but I could be wrong.   We're many years off from a 3-4 party system because the two main parties seem to only agree on one point, that the addition of a 3rd party would not be in their best interest.  It would take someone that is moderate, with huge public appeal, like Reagan, to attract enough voters from both parties to make a 3rd party viable.   Gary Johnson is pulling 10% from the Republicans, hardly a threat to either party overall but he will make it near impossible for Trump to win.  
    • For - I actually like the concept of the EC for exactly the reasons stated.  Each State gets to choose how to leverage their votes by voting all their electoral votes per the majority of their citizens.  This is in keeping with the US being a collection of independent STATES, not a country of individuals (even if that sounds odd, it was the original concept).   I have two issues against - I actually do prefer individualism over collectivism, so I'd prefer a nation of individuals, but clearly we are today a collection of demographics in conflict with each other rather than celebrating individuals of all kinds.  So until that culture is fixed, I see no reason for voting to changes.  Seems ironic that people that are so fanatical about popular vote are also those that are just as fanatical about preferences and penalties based on random, cosmetic distinctions.  They are so against a state representing their entire membership, but completely happy with taking entire (races, unions, business memberships, etc etc etc) for granted. I very much would like to see 3rd and 4th parties - (if one is not convinced that BOTH parties are completely broken, then I have nothing to share with those individuals, they are too full of Kool aid).  that would pretty much invalidate the whole idea of 272 EC votes being a magic number.  That would have to change.  (ranked voting, popular vote, something.....)  Though I'd rather see better results from the primary systems, I'm not holding my breath.
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