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WITB Justin Rose

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I found it interesting that he keeps a three year history of his yardage books, and uses them to update to the current year. Just crazy how detailed they get.

I also like the yard stick idea for putting stroke, mutlitaskers are always a plus.


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I have the same rain jacket. I also like how he studies the courses, that probably pays off in places like Merion.


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    • Which range in the US, the piece doesn't say. Trackman Range is basically setting up multiple radars, 3 for example, so that it can provide numbers for a range of a given length, like 130 yards in the example here and everyone on that range in selected spots basically has radar. Here's the piece that talks about the setup some more plus putting. The new ability to measure putt related data is interesting as well, wonder what it'll add in addition to SAM Puttlab. 
    • Well,  you said for most people,  and I do not have a large sample size to draw from in my own experience in golf so... I draw from my own personal experience.    As a player there was a time when I wanted to change the shape of my swing very badly in a certain way.  I have found that when I tried to do that and hit a ball at the same time it was too much for my brain and I would find contact with the ball over making the change or the change I saw on video would be miniscule if present at all.  I found though that if I removed the ball I was able to make changes.  Now,  obviously this was making an air swing that might not even hit a ball on the ground.  No accuracy,  but that's the point!  Free the brain from having to put clubhead on ball for a minute and focus on something else to harness it a bit!  I removed all intention of a precise strike or clubface control by doing this.  I am talking now seriously make a swing or two look at video...most times exaggerate the move even more...look at video.  Repeat repeat repeat.   Same exact video angle all the time!   This is not a fast process I am just explaining what I was doing.  Backyard was perfect for this feel vs real experimentation feedback loop I was working on.  The only purpose of this was to develop a way I could learn to somewhat repeat what I was looking for.  Stage two would be targeting a tuft of grass and doing it again video.  Stage three would be maybe going out to the range and like you said rehearsing a few and then bringing in the ball and striking it. For me going out and shanking and slicing a bucket of balls working on a change costs money and it's hard to convince myself it's a success regardless of what I see on video.  I've done it several times. So,  before I did the whole air swing thing I hit many buckets and basically it was not effective at anything except maybe excercise and grooving compensations to the point I built myself a nice yip impact block on full swings.  Yes I admit at first I thought I could beat golf by athletic ability alone like every moron high cap that beats balls ingraining moves that need to be eliminated if they are ever to improve.  Without a couple simple workable concepts imo hitting balls is really the worst thing to do for a relatively inexperienced player.  So,  that's my take. For background info on me I played tennis in college and it was sport of focus from maybe sixth grade on and I took proper instruction with one coach for quite a while.  I feel I maximized my potential there.  Often in college I would surf in the morning early (skipping class obviously) and then for the afternoon travel for matches and play my singles and a doubles match.  My coach seriously used to ask me if I surfed that day because he said I played better when I did! I have a lot of experience in teaching athletics of various sorts  including surfing and soccer and I have been told many many times by many people that I have a natural affinity for teaching in a minimalistic simple fashion.  I succeeded in many ways in athletics but for me it was always a personal focus on technique that led to success.  Growing up I could never jump high or run very fast or lift heavy weights,  but I developed a pretty good jump shot in hoops.   I could kick a ball far and score goals in soccer. I am just not one of those naturally athletic fearless types who as a kid could jump their bike real huge or Ollie a skateboard a couple feet into the air or do a tuck flip off a diving board into a pool without thinking a bit how they did it.  I can identify those types and imo there's something happening there most of the rest of us ain't got!  Sure I could flip but it was an extended body flop of sorts lol.  In tennis I got decent,  but it was from good instruction,  good practice, an absolute ton of hours of hard work,  and if I might say so very good technique.  In golf I can't break par so I don't really ever bother people in swing threads unless I can speak from personal experience.  I realize I am not qualified to develop a swing to say a par shooter,  so I don't try to.   I think I might have some thoughts relative to some though.  Sorry for boring those who have read this but I must say I value my time spent on this site highly;  most sites are crud these days filled with Internet warrior liars who don't offer much true Quality.        
    • Yeah, I dunno about any of that. There were almost 150 women playing in this tournament (28*5, right?), no doubt many of them using the restroom during a round, yet only two used a cart to get there. 
    • I agree.  It's really pretty simple, and needn't be over complicated.    
    • I've been doing Cross fit since 2006.  Back then our gym was just an athletic training facility.  Trained college teams, sport specific training etc...  When Cross fit became the rage a few years ago we did hybrid classes and now our gym is Cross fit but still mixes in athletic training. It's called Crossfit Ares in Massachusetts.   I love it....Being there over 10 years is proof.  I was never good at working out on my own so the small classes, having an instructor plus the classmates make it fun and competitive. Very good for my game... Why?...well I'm 55 and have not lost any yardage anywhere.  In fact I hit it further.  swing speed is at 115 mph.  No flexibility issues, core strength and over all strength is up.  I'm in better shape now than 20 years ago.  Who would have thought at 55 I'd be doing 36" box jumps on one leg...and I'm 5'5" 142 lbs.  I have no problem beating the 25 year olds in sprints, suicides, 3 cone agility...  Legless rope climbs, Donkey Kong rope climbs...I owe it all to the trainers.   Like anything, you have to be smart about training.  Shoulders and rotator cuffs, knees...just have to watch what I do for weight.  In Cross fit there is a prescribed men's and women's weight for the WOD.  Most times I go in the middle when picking a weight...sometimes the woman's weight does me fine.  Body weight exercises like pushups, pullhps I crush everyone.
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