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Most Embarrassing Moments on the Course?

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For me two come to mind.

1: Years ago before I'd ever taken any lessons, playing with friends and a borrowed set of clubs from the 70's.  Something I've fought for years is a tendency to get completely tilted and unreasonably angry (especially unreasonable given my skill level...).  After whiffing twice then skulling 30 yards with like a 8i, getting back in the cart I whacked the tire with the club, not that hard, and snapped the shaft.  I felt horrible since the clubs were actually my friend's grandfathers' old clubs...  (related: this is something I seem to have finally made progress on, I haven't gotten mad on the course in a couple of years beyond maybe a muttered swear word or two)

2: Last round I played actually, was playing extremely well for me since +22 is still my best round ever, and was only like 3 over through 5.  Had a little fringey chip to try and get up and down for par, and decided to play a bump and run.  Grabbed a 6i and hit the ball to exactly the spot I picked, and it rolled about a foot or two more.  Realized I had a PW not a 6i...  Then managed to drag my putter on the next shot and it went another foot, still leaving me about 10 feet. At this point I overcompenste and send it 15 feet the other way and then 3 putt from there for a good old snowman.  This was my standard approach to chipping and putting until a few years ago...  Amazingly I was able to just laugh it off and still wound up with a decent-for-me score of +25.

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Was out with a few friends enjoying a friendly round of golf and consuming a few beers. There was a ladies league out at the time quite close to us. My partner really had to releive himself quite badle, and there was no where for him to go. I told him to just stand next to the cart and pee. He thought that would work, so I waited for him to "get it out" and when I was sure he was doing his business, I pulled the cart out of the way for all to see...LOL...Quite the moment...

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    • 27 rounds:   9 were 9 hole rounds, 6 scrambles Most courses local to Richmond/Central VA: 1. Pendleton (3) 2. Hunting Hawk 3. Mattaponi Springs (3) 4. Boonsboro (Lynchburg) 5. Queenfield (2) 6. Stonehouse 7. Kiskiack 8. Providence 9. Hanover CC (4) 10. Old Trail - LOVE this course 11. Nags Head GL 12. Sea Scape GL 13. Brookwoods 14. The Golden Eagle (won Pro Am) 15. Aquia Harbor 16. Royal New Kent 17. The Hollows 18. CC of Petersburg    
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