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My Swing (adro21)

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I've been Playing Golf for: 7 years

My current handicap index or average score is: 15.4

My typical ball flight is: Fade or slice

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: longer iron and driver SLICE


I'm struggling really hard with the driver this season. My 4-6 irons are very slicey as well, but I can hit 7-9 iron very straight without any issues. I've tried so many things, but the slice always seems to creep back into my swing on the longer clubs.

I've tried slowing down the swing, but it doesn't seem to help me for some reason. Technically speaking, I know it should , but it seems to produce the same results.

The one thing that really worked for me last season (very consistently) was addressing the ball normally and then moving the clubhead back about 6-8 inches behind the ball...I know, that's a long way back -- and it looked weird too....but if I would bottom out the swing about 6-8 inches behind the ball, it would result in an amazingly straight drive. I guess the extra space was giving the clubhead time to turn over....

So, for most of last season I was actually doing that drill on the course with good results...but this year it's totally backfiring on me! Almost everything off the tee with a driver is violently slicing :(


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Welcome to the site.

First, please do yourself the simple favor of reading this thread: .

So the shorthand version of what I see is this: your weight doesn't go forward much (Key #2) and that is messing with your ability to control Key #4 (sweetspot path). As you can see, the ball is forward, your shaft is steep, and your heel isn't banking because your weight isn't going forward.

The sweetspot is outside the golf ball two frames before impact, and thus has to swing well to the right to hit the ball, producing your slices.

You're athletic, but I'd recommend working right now on Key #2 to affect and help #4 by watching some of the videos at .


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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Thank you so much Erik! Gonna spend this evening checking out all those videos. Amazing stuff!


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Went for a lesson today with an amazing pro:

We made some adjustments and I finally understand how to swing out to the left and get the ball to consistently draw.

Hit a bucket after the lesson and hit nearly 64 draws in a row!!!

This is such an amazing breakthrough for me! The only caveat being that the drive is still pretty wonky. Even when applying the same principles as in the video above, it stills does crazy things (still slices or duck hooks). I'm trying to rotate my hands as the club head hits the tip of the tee but can't get the timing right or something....Rome wasn't built in a day though, so I'll continue working on the driver!


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    • Darts does have the advantage of being played in many venues where you can get a pint at any time during the game, as opposed to golf, where you only get the reward when you're done.  Unless you're in the US, of course, where many courses have a roving bar-cart to help you enjoy your round.
    • Furyk getting tight under Ryder Cup pressure could well be true or at least partly true. That critique seems partly true of the U.S. squad in general, doesn't it? Bubba's record is comparably poor at 3-8-0. Considering his dominance and winning percentage in stroke play and beat the field average, Tiger's Ryder Cup record isn't too stellar either. I'm just saying that Furyk (& Tiger too) may not have been used as smartly by the Captains as say, Luke Donald given his relative strengths and weaknesses. Donald tended to be sat for fourball where Furyk played both formats about the same amount, and maybe not with the right complementary partners for the foursomes. When Donald's relative approach game and putting (& birdie/bogie ratio) ranking slipped in 2014 he wasn't picked for the Euro team, because it seems his relative potential contribution (producing birdies) in alternate shot / foursomes had diminished.   Furyk Donald   SG-Tee SG-Putt SG-Appr SG-ARG Bird/Bog Bird+ % Bog Avd SG-Tee SG-Putt SG-Appr SG-ARG Bird/Bog Bird+ % Bog Avd 2016 -0.294 0.195 0.458 0.285 121 165 69 -0.583 0.060 0.645 0.449 82 181 16 2015 0.064 -0.024 1.081 0.513 15 83 8 -0.793 0.289 0.573 0.514 121 171 46 2014 0.121 0.091 1.175 0.408 5 97 1 -0.493 0.517 0.315 0.351 93 108 93 2013 0.023 0.092 0.950 0.323 25 78 14 -0.459 0.528 0.583 0.628 45 42 58 2012 0.225 0.423 0.830 0.275 9 145 1 -0.188 0.818 0.582 0.430 13 66 7 2011 -0.017 -0.160 0.643 0.190 77 147 32 0.040 0.870 1.094 0.273 1 4 1 2010 0.150 0.402 0.641 0.367 21 76 21 -0.506 0.870 0.661 0.464 16 109 9 AVG 0.039 0.146 0.825 0.337 39 113 21 -0.426 0.565 0.636 0.444 53 97 33 10-'13 0.095 0.189 0.766 0.289 33 112 17 -0.278 0.772 0.730 0.449 19 55 19 Furyk's record is horrible in the better ball / fourball format. I think that may be due to his relative lack of distance where it's harder for him to contribute much and bogey avoidance (his strength) is less important than making birdies. I expect Furyk's often been set up in a fourball pairing like Kuchar and Watson in '14 where the relatively short, but good putter / short game guy (Kuchar) was expected to complement the long hitter (Watson). Watson and Kuchar made many birdies, but still got smoked by two superior ball-strikers with average putting due to the better ball / fourball format. Rose's excellent short game helped that team in the alternate shot/foursomes format where their ball-striking was maybe less of an overt advantage than in better ball.
    • Yeah. Their products have been really solid. The 5C was iffy, but then again, the price was dirt cheap (relatively speaking). I may or may not be working for a company that supplies parts for them now, so I hope they get more popular.
    • It's all part of the deal. Especially when you are golfers like us (note my HI). Look at it this way. A couple of weeks ago I traveled three hours to our TST outing in Norwalk, OH and proceeded to barf on my shoes for 18 holes solid. Had one of my best rounds last week. It happens. Get away from it for a bit, get over it and when you come back you'll do better.
    • This sounds really really dull.  The kind of dull I'd really like to get used to seeing n my own game. 
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