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straightening a putter shaft, Odyssey two ball

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I picked up an older Odyssey two ball white hot putter and got over to a local course's practice green today at lunch, and something was off on it.  I got to looking at it closer and noticed that the grip was not aligned with the head, and also the shaft was bent between the head bend and the grip.  So I bent the shaft across my knee enough to more or less get it looking fairly straight for the section that I believe is supposed to be straight. Then when I got back to work I left the putter laying on the dash of my car with the windows up, then went out at break and managed to twist the grip more or less to proper alignment with the putter face.  In any case I believe it is now a lot better that it was.

Does anyone know if the mid section of the shaft is supposed to be straight on this putter?

Does it make sense to look into getting a replacement shaft and new grip? I'm thinking it might make more sense to just use it as is for now and see how I like it. Just looking for some opinions.

Once I figured out it was bent and the grip mis-aligned I started to do better with it by compensating for the wackiness.

Worst case is I just go back to the Taylormade TC.1 or dredge up an older Bullseye from the basement to use.


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Prior to bending the shaft over my knee the end of the grip was probably an inch or more to the right in the pic with the putter head sitting flat on the ground.



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Looks OK to me. Fine in fact. You did a good job bending it.

I think these putters have a double bend in the gooseneck section. Obviously, the long part of the shaft is straight.

You're looking at the ball anyway, so once you get over the psychological concerns you'll forget about it :-)


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