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My Swing (Fairway20)

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I've been Playing Golf for: 6 years

My current handicap index or average score is: 20

My typical ball flight is:

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Hook

For the last couple years, I have been playing very well. At times, I felt like I could not miss the fairway with my driver. I am struggling this year to get off the tee. Topping it,  low Hooks,  drives have no height, etc. In a 9 hole round I may only hit one decent drive.  At times I will figure it out at the range, but then lose it at the course, but overall something is off. I have seen my PGA professional but I am just not getting it.

I am hitting my irons really well, but cant hit a barn with my hybrid. This club used to be my go to club  from 180 out or par 3's over 170

My focus with my driver has been:

Reverse K at address

Slow swing

loading weight to right side and then the transfer to the left before starting the downswing.

Trying to keep head behind ball at impact

I know it is hard to provide suffice feedback without a swing video. Any feedback on some easy tips to just get me hitting my driver 200 with solid contact. Thank you.


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    • My answer depends on what you mean by "manage on the course."   I have a bag full of swing thoughts, because I have made the same mistakes so many times and corrected things so many times.  It's like a bag full of clubs.  I carry them around with me but I only use one at most when I'm addressing my shot.  But which one it is depends on what happened on the last shot or sometime in the recent past.  Then there are the times I have no swing thought at all, but hit a great shot.  But definitely I cannot have more than one swing thought in my head when I'm about to hit a shot. 
    • I voted 4 and 0, not based on the definitions you provided,  but based on your vote (9 and 1), and how I would compare my game to yours.   I think if you hit a solid shot 9 out of 10 times, then I should say I hit that kind of shot 4 out of 10 times.   I believe you would define "sweet spot" as much much smaller and more elusive than I would, but we have to agree on a definition, so taking your definition, which is really, "a spot you hit 1 out of 10 times," then I should say less than that.  So I said 0. 
    • I've been trying to get all the stuff J.C. talks about, but it's' tough. On a more serious note, I try to limit it to one or two.
    • So, what are you guys thinking? Hero Challenge? Torrey? Waste Mgmt? Florida? Augusta?
      Personally I'll believe it when I see it (or read about it), but he isn't dropping those tweets for nothing
    • Hi there! Thanks for posting, and I’ll offer my thoughts. Hopefully this is an interesting thread: 1. If my longest shots were 120yds and inconsistent, I frankly wouldn’t go out to score a round. Go and play,enjoy the outdoors, be with people, sure. But score? No. To me that’s irrelevant at that point.  2. I would use the practice range to improve, but course to just play. No swing thoughts. No frustration (ha). Just whack the ball on the hole. 3. The practice range needs to be focused practice.  You do not need a lot of full swings. There is a lot of info here on how to practice, and when I’m at a computer I can include links. 4. I think your instructor is perhaps giving you too much to think about. Confusing you. You need one thing (mayve two) as your priority. Your practice on that one thing can be slow. No injury. It definitely should involve video and analyzing how you are doing. No pounding away balls at the range. 5. I wouldn’t go score a round until I could hit my longest shots about 180 or so, with decent consistency.  Give yourself a chance to be near the green on a par 3 in one shot. Near the green on a par 4 in 3 shots. Near the green on a par 5 in 4 shots.  6. I’d choose a set of tees that are shorter than 6400yds for 18 to start. 6000 might be more appropriate. Move back when you can get on or near the green in say, 50 shots for a full 18 holes.  7. Consider a “member swing” thread here. Lots of talented people here who can do a check on what your instructor is telling you. I have a hunch your instructor is doing you a disservice by over complicating things and having a long list of stuff to do. Here it’s free. What do you have to lose?
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