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Pretzel's Homemade Shaft Inserts

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I mentioned them in another thread, but I figured it might be something that others would be interested in trying the next time they regrip their clubs. These iron inserts dampen the vibration on bad hits while still maintaining good feel on the good ones, which was very helpful when I was working on consistent contact so that it didn't sting to hit it thin.

Supplies needed:

- Foam adhesive tape (most often advertised as weather stripping, as found here http://www.zoro.com/i/G0361331/?category=7408 )

- Fishing line (so that you can remove the inserts later if needed)

- One dowel rod (to push them into the shaft)

- A coat hanger (for removal)

Steps for creating one insert:

1) Cut a strip of foam adhesive tape, about 3 feet long, and a length of fishing line about 2 feet long

2) Peel off the backing on the foam tape and set the tape on a table sticky-side up, then tie a loop at one end of the fishing line

3) Place the non-looped end of the fishing line in the middle of the foam tape and stick it to the tape such that the loop hangs around 3-6" off the edge of the tape

4) Fold the foam tape on itself so that it both covers the sticky side and encloses the fishing line like a sandwich, leaving you with a foam plug about 1' 6" in length with a loop of fishing line hanging out the end

5) Using a dowel rod, slide the insert into your golf shaft oriented such that the fishing line faces the top of the club (where you would install a grip). Make sure that it is seated firmly enough that it won't come loose.

6) For removal, bend a coat hanger so that it has a hook that can reach the loop in the fishing line. Simply hook the loop and pull it back out if you no longer want it.

I've used them in all my irons for a while now and like them quite a bit. The only downside is that you hear a small buzzing noise (from the fishing line) when you thunk the club into the ground firmly or hit it very thin, but it's easy for me to overlook at least when it makes those bad shots not sting. I would, however, recommend just not hitting it thin in the first place to avoid this stinging over inserts if possible.

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I was dismayed to read that the inserts were not made from pretzels. :-)

Alternate instructions: 1) Buy a gross of jumbo soft pretzels 2) Mash them to a fine paste, using the cheese you get as glue 3) Pour the paste into your shaft, until near full 4) Cork it off with one solid pretzel mortared in with more cheese NOTE: This method may increase swing weight and/or cause unusual smells. For best results replace every 1-2 weeks.

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