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Geoff Ogilvy speaks candidly about golf struggles

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Here's the Golf Australia Piece

Anyway, over the last six months I have tried to get back to the way I did things earlier in my career, which hasn’t been easy. Practice is very addictive and I turned myself into a practiser more than a player. I could hit the 220-yard sign with my 5-iron six times in a row. But then I’d go out and miss the first green with my 5-iron. At some level, practising and playing are not really related.


Someone once told me that the difficulty of golf is that you are not trying to work out the game, you are trying to work out yourself. I forgot that. I was trying to work out golf. There’s nothing wrong with playing well and not doing it the way everyone else does it. The guys who made themselves the best in the world didn’t do it by copying someone else. They are the guys who are copied.

Got wind of it from Twitter - (AT)lawrencedonegan


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Good for him getting back in the winners circles. Hopefully he can play consistently good golf and play well at the PGA

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This resonates. Lately I've been playing "golf swing" and not "golf" when I'm out on the course.


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    • Video tape yourself making a slow backswing  to the length you want and hold the position. Make a mental note of what it feels like. Then try to make a swing and make a mental note of what the swing felt like, how much turn, how much did the arms move. Then check the video. See if you hit your the swing length you want. If not then do the slow swings again, hold the position you want. Then make another swing but this time try to shorten it up. If need to, swing like 50% backswing turn rates. Check the video, how closer were you? Keep doing it till you get the swing where you want it.  This is what I do to try to teach myself to swing shorter. It will take some time, but it gets easier over time. For me, my driver is a between A2-A3 swing length feel that gets me A4. 
    • I nit pick a lot.  I'm smarter than the average voter. I actually read the voter pamphlet. I study the issues in the campaign and research the candidates. There's a lot of propaganda out there. For Trump, where's the beef? Trump steaks? I don't see any beef. I just see a lot of hot air.  I'd still like to know how he's going to kick 11 million people out of the country without having a secret police force. It'll involve racial profiling and people will have to make sure they have their papers in order. They may even be citizens but still get caught up in the sweep because they don't have their papers in order. Does everyone have their papers in order? Plus who is going to pick next season's crops? I know that's stereotyping but still.  His statement on immigration... all countries have shown themselves to be vulnerable. So... no more immigration? We're a nation of immigrants. Tariffs worked really well for Herbert Hoover.  Hillary is no saint. That's a given. But damn.  
    • Steve Stricker is grouped with David Toms and Rich Beem. How many fans can correctly identify who isn't the past champion in that threesome?
    • Since it's law in Virginia that a Governor can only serve on term in office at a time it makes it difficult to gauge their time there. During his time as Governor the state of Virginia was one of three states to earn the highest grade in terms of management in a report by the non-partisan Pew Center on the States. Also, Virginia took first place each year from 2006 to 2009 in the "Best States For Business" rankings published by Forbes magazine. I think he's a good pick as VP. Virginia has gone Democrat the last two elections.  For his term in the Senate he's got a very good relationship in working with both Democrats and Republicans.   
    • Don't you think deporting 11 million (or whatever the figure is) undocumented/illegal immigrants will take a pretty big government? How about building a giant border wall? Or the 35% tariff he would impose? Oh, and don't forget he promised not to touch entitlements. 
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