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Gary Page

Stories of fantastic fight back to win an important match?

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Gary Page    1

I had our clubs 5th summer league tie & it was a must win game.  If we now win our last game then will be champions, as well as a draw if we fail to win.

I was 5 down after 6 to a player who was -3 & I was +2.  At that point it's safe to say you don't expect to win but you will try none the less.  I hate giving up & as soon as I get one hole back I know he might get nervous, which he did.  So I then went on to win the 7th, 8th & 9th to finish 2 down through the turn.  I then won the 12th to a par (which is a very long hole), 13th to a birdie, 14th to a birdie & then 17th to a birdie to win my game 2 & 1.  It's safe to say I need to start better in match play.

It is such a great feeling & I wanted to share that on here.

Has anyone had the same results?

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boogielicious    1,159

Nice!  I have not had a comeback like that.  But in my first year playing in a league, I had my best round during the final to hold off several challengers to win the league.  We had to play in the final group together.  They thought I would get nervous because it was really my first year playing golf.  But I played well and won.

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Gary Page    1

I think I would have felt the same but to come out on top against the odds is more thrilling than anything I've ever won.

I think it helps us enjoy the game more , knowing that when you're almost down & out, out of moves that you can still comeback & restore your pride.  The same goes for playing in your first important match, it surely would only leave us with positive memories.

It's probably worth saying that I was 5 up through 8 in our final summer league game last year & only needed a half point to secure our 3.5, 2.5 win & I was taking down the 18th hole.  The guy birdied 9,10,12,13,15,16,17.  I needed a birdie on 17 to keep it all square.

I didn't crumble, god I didn't even make a bogey on the back 9, but using that in my head I knew I had to dig deep!

Chances of it happening again.....well I'd rather not be in the position of 5 down through 6 EVER again haha!

Hope you enjoy your golf & go on to do well for your golf club, I'm 27 now but remember my first winter league games as a Junior, I got beat a lot of the time but still enjoyed it, but it's not ideal.  Great that you can win your first competitive team match.  Something not many can say they have done!


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    • Not an individual tournament but with a partner(s), sure. Even if it's another low handicapper we can compete if we play well but most likely won't win. I agree with you what you're saying. Most of the club tournaments I play in have a gross division so it's not a big deal. One tournament where I've seen low handicappers have an advantage is a format where teams are divided into flights based on combined handicap. If you win that flight you play against the winners of the other flights in a horserace where strokes are greatly reduced. Most of the horse races I've seen or been a part of of are won by teams from the first two flights, the lower handicap flights.
    • Checked if my shoulders were too flat in a mirror. Apparently not as bad as I thought. I'd like to be more conscious of it before tomorrow's lesson. Going to do a bunch of slow movements through the evening and tomorrow morning then progressively speed up and see if everything still looks reasonable with a full speed swing. . .
    • I've never actually met a golfer who swings differently when under pressure, that is, if he can swing to his handicap at all? Golf starts with a good swing, without that you've got no game.   Yes, but the player is dialing things in at a range. On the course everything is much harder because you only hit any club once per 10 to 15 minutes or something like that.   There's no mental aspect when you have a chance to hit ball after ball successively from the shortest club to the longest one. On the range you're dialed in. That's why many people hit well on the range and not so well on the course.   If you do this with a proper swing, then I'd imagine yes. You'd have a good swing. That good swing in turn will give you more confidence than any sort of motivational speech.   I've never been able to will the ball to go where I want it to, and don't know anyone who can do that without the physical training required to develop a decent swing.
    • This.  Over the years we've heard so much about golf and sports being mental but where are the great tips and instruction on the mental side of the game?  I've read some books on the subject but so far not by anyone who sounded like they actually played golf.  Here's one mental thing that I've done to help my game, imo:   While getting into my address position I look long at my target, glance at the ball to get feet and ball position aligned.  One more good look at the target and when I look back to the ball I begin my swing almost immediately.  This keeps tension from creeping into my muscles by staying too long at address thinking about too many things.  It also seems to help me stay more alert during the swing, rather than getting all tense and just hitting a start/panic button.  To me, this is part of the mental game and is one way the mind can make a huge difference in shot result.
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