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Ode to Tiger Woods (and all aging Golfers) by Bill Littlefield of NPR

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boogielicious    1,159

I heard this poem this morning on NPR

Tiger Suffers Latest Setback At Bridgestone

Tiger Woods hits off the 14th tee during the first round of the Bridgestone Invitational. Woods left during the final round with back pain. (Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

Tiger Woods hits off the 14th tee during the first round of the 2014 Bridgestone Invitational in Akron, Ohio. Woods left during the final round with back pain. (Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

Once, like a Tiger burning bright, as William Blake has said,
The Tiger with a driver left the other guys for dead …
Or not “for dead,” precisely; though he wouldn’t let them win,
They all were making money, for the racket they were in
Was riding Tiger’s tail into a stratosphere of sorts;
And golf, all thanks to Tiger, was among the kings of sports.

But time and tide and aching backs, alas, will have their way,
And what for weekend golfers can remain a kind of play
Is work for a professional, and grinding work at that.
And swinging often from the heels sends pain up toward your hat.
And aching knees contribute to a golfer’s fade as well,
And feet that do not hurt are rare as icicles in hell.

You get the point. It’s true of champs; it’s true as well of bums …
The biggest winners fade away, as do those chasing crumbs.
Yup, Shakespeare mentioned long ago that golden Tigers must
Like chimney sweeps and hopeless duffers, finally come to dust …
(I may not quite have put it then as Shakespeare did, but still,
I’m sure you will forgive my taking liberties with Will.)

And if that time has come for Tiger Woods, well, so it goes,
And up and down golf’s ladder, from the hackers to the pros,
There will, I’m sure, be consequences dire, bleak and grim,
For as he tumbles, Tiger’s taking golf with falling him.
But “dust’s” a little grisly. Tiger Woods is far from dead.
He may not pass Jack Nicklaus. He may have to be, instead,
Among the greatest golfers, if not lonely at the top …
And this is only if, in fact, he finds he has to stop.
But if his time for winning Majors has run out at last,
Is being almost at the top of something rich and vast
As golfing’s happy history so bad, when all is done?
I think it’s not, and Tiger’s doubtless had a lot of fun
Being Tiger while the good times rolled, one bright day and another.
For once he had it all, and as they say, that beats the other.


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    • I'm a member at the club where Xander grew up playing, obviously everyone is super excited to see him get this win and launch himself into "elite" status on tour. He won 1.58M and an extra 2M for finishing 3rd in Fed Ex Cup. This time last year he was playing in the Web.com finals.
    • Gotcha. Thanks. That's a possibility too. I don't feel like I am hanging back but as you know feel ain't real.  Most likely my problem is a combination of things (maybe ball too far back combined with hanging back?). This started happening out of the blue and has been going on for about 2 weeks (5-6 rounds), and even with range work i have not been able to shake it off... yet! Thank you all for the suggestions. I'll try to double check them one at a time until I can tell for sure whether my not implementing them is the culprit. It shouldn't be too hard to recover from this, but it sure is annoying...
    • https://www.gamegolf.com/player/JonMa1/round/1859679?hole_id=34840967 Short and mid iron approaches were pretty good. Pitches, chips were fine. I just had a rough time controlling the driver until the 13th today. Also had issues topping some 5i and 4i shots though I did hit a couple nice 4i shots. Putting was pretty poor today. I'm getting acceptable distance from my driver since having the shaft shortened and contact seems better. Unfortunately, controlling the club face continues to be a challenge. Excessive penalties have been the theme for 2017. Lowering my handicap from longer courses will be next to impossible if I don't improve this part of my game.
    • I'm surprised he didn't at least ponder if there was a rule on that. I didn't know but had it happened to me I definitely would've asked my partner or someone there, 'hey is there a rule about this?' Certainly shows how it pays to know the rules. 
    • At 63 I have all the same challenges others have noted. In addition, poorer eyesight has been a new challenge. I never had to play with glasses from age 10 to late 40's and then quit golf. Now at 63 and back playing golf, just seeing the ball clearly at address has been a significant issue for me. And of course corrective lenses that work at address aren't right for reading or distance vision. Anyone else? I'm afraid between poorer vision and all the senior physical challenges, my days of consistently finding the sweet spot on my clubs are probably over. Game improvement clubs here I (reluctantly) come...
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