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Ode to Tiger Woods (and all aging Golfers) by Bill Littlefield of NPR

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I heard this poem this morning on NPR

Tiger Suffers Latest Setback At Bridgestone

Tiger Woods hits off the 14th tee during the first round of the Bridgestone Invitational. Woods left during the final round with back pain. (Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

Tiger Woods hits off the 14th tee during the first round of the 2014 Bridgestone Invitational in Akron, Ohio. Woods left during the final round with back pain. (Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

Once, like a Tiger burning bright, as William Blake has said,
The Tiger with a driver left the other guys for dead …
Or not “for dead,” precisely; though he wouldn’t let them win,
They all were making money, for the racket they were in
Was riding Tiger’s tail into a stratosphere of sorts;
And golf, all thanks to Tiger, was among the kings of sports.

But time and tide and aching backs, alas, will have their way,
And what for weekend golfers can remain a kind of play
Is work for a professional, and grinding work at that.
And swinging often from the heels sends pain up toward your hat.
And aching knees contribute to a golfer’s fade as well,
And feet that do not hurt are rare as icicles in hell.

You get the point. It’s true of champs; it’s true as well of bums …
The biggest winners fade away, as do those chasing crumbs.
Yup, Shakespeare mentioned long ago that golden Tigers must
Like chimney sweeps and hopeless duffers, finally come to dust …
(I may not quite have put it then as Shakespeare did, but still,
I’m sure you will forgive my taking liberties with Will.)

And if that time has come for Tiger Woods, well, so it goes,
And up and down golf’s ladder, from the hackers to the pros,
There will, I’m sure, be consequences dire, bleak and grim,
For as he tumbles, Tiger’s taking golf with falling him.
But “dust’s” a little grisly. Tiger Woods is far from dead.
He may not pass Jack Nicklaus. He may have to be, instead,
Among the greatest golfers, if not lonely at the top …
And this is only if, in fact, he finds he has to stop.
But if his time for winning Majors has run out at last,
Is being almost at the top of something rich and vast
As golfing’s happy history so bad, when all is done?
I think it’s not, and Tiger’s doubtless had a lot of fun
Being Tiger while the good times rolled, one bright day and another.
For once he had it all, and as they say, that beats the other.


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    • Considering I was 4 years old. 200?  Is that legal?
    • Is that one of your pics?  If it is...outstanding sir!  Love the way the grass and dirt from the divot exploded around him.  Very cool.
    • Yep. The picture you posted of the top of the grips to show the difference in length caught my eye...the blue grip on the Mizzy looks like it might not be on all the way or something like that. Are all the Mizuno irons that much longer than all the Hogan irons, or is each club a little different?  Or do you just have the 5 irons for the Radials and not the whole set?  You could also measure them like this to find out: Should be 37 3/4". I'm curious on which one is not the stock length.
    • 24/2/17 - more mirror work with P2 and P3 the focus. This is definitely starting to feel more natural. Well done for taking the plunge and posting videos. Lots of good things in the swing and I'm sure when you post the my swing thread, someone will give you the right tips to move forward. Well worth doing though; I've gained a lot from mine. Keep it up!
    • I watched this video...watched the whole thing. I'm familiar with Mark's videos and I think he generally does a really good job. I see the result of his test, and it was interesting.  I happen to have extensive first-hand experience with launch data and have literally tested thousands of players over the course of 18 years, 10 of those when I was with a major golf ball manufacturer, and although I like Mark, I don't know another way to say this other than just about everything he said is wrong. Think about it can a low compression, 2-piece, Surlyn covered ball perform virtually the same as a high compression, 3 or 4-piece, urethane covered ball with different dimple patterns?  They claim the difference is in the feel and performance with wedges?  That would mean if my spin rate was too high with my driver, moving to a different model ball will have no effect in reducing it.  This is flat-out incorrect. The fact is distance balls do go further than high spin "tour" balls for most players, and playing a lower spinning ball will help reduce your hook or slice.  I'm not just spouting off something I read somewhere or giving you my opinion...I have worked with players of all abilities, watched them hit several shots with a certain ball, analyzed their launch numbers for areas that need improving and asked them to hit a different ball and compared the data.  There is a difference.  For some players it might be more dramatic than others, but it's nonsense to think all balls are within a few yards of each other or all balls curve the same amount.  Here is an example: For this player, there is 15 yards difference between these two models, and the longer ball curves less too (although it's not a lot).  And these two models are closer in design than the Pro V1 and DT Solo.  I'm not sure why the results in the video example didn't show any difference, but working with 20-25 players per day, 5 days a week for many years I have seen the difference with my own eyes.  Will everyone gain 20-25 yards or reduce their slice by 35%?  No...but I've seen it happen.  Average is closer to 9 yards and 30%.  
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