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PING G5 - Black Dot or Not?

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Quick Question for all the "Pros" out there!!!

I'm considering buying a set of Ping G5s from Golf Galaxy (going out of biz sale) for about $480 (20% off reg $599) + tax.

My question, I haven't been fitted for them....and just curious if I should buy the standard Black Dots, if I'm 1 or 2 degrees off (either way).

I currently use Calloway grafite RCH-96 clubs, which are good....but they're not fitted either.

Just dying to upgrade...

Any thoughts on the clubs and/or the fitting question?


P.S. I'm going at lunch......SOON!

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You can always get them bent to your specs, only thing is if you need them extended but they can plug them and do it that way instead of buying new shafts...If you really want them get them.

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I'm not that tall......

They also had the Mizuno MX-25s......Hmmmm, decisions.....

Thanks for the thoughts!

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Ping are cast irons - they're designed to fit the player.

Go to and custom fit yourself. It takes 5 minutes.

I went with the Blue dot (+1*) and extended 1/4 inch. My pro is the exact same spec - but he sticks with the black dot to hit the ball with a natural draw.

If i was you, fit yourself and get the right spec. Your pro would do the same. A pro club fitter would charge you. Most big stores who supply Ping have the in-house fitting system - the sales assistant should be able to fit you very easily if you havn't done it yourself (it's the same thing).

hope u get what your looking for

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The newer PING irons can be bent 4*, some PING's at only 2* and some none. The G5's would be able to be bent for your fit especially starting at Black Dot. Good test is to put a piece of masking tape on the sole and swing on a black board. The PING static fit test on should get you in the ballpark.

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Guys . . . OT, but you have helped me out a lot with this thread! I just got some Ping i/3 irons, and didn't know about the dot systems until a co-worker told me about the different dots.

Hawkeye, I went to Ping's online fitter, and with the help of a tape measure, did the web fitting, and found I am supposed to have white dots.

I do so love this web site!



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