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TST Member Review - Players Towel

David in FL

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Product Name: Players Towel
Product Type: Accessory (Golf Towel)
Product Website/URL: https://www.playerstowel.com/
Cost: $24.95

Ratings (out of 5):
Quality: 5
Value: 3
Effectiveness: 4
Durability: 4
Esthetic Appeal: 5

My first real job was as a caddie at a private golf club in Southeast Wisconsin.  The private club had (and still has) one of the premier caddie programs in the Midwest.  On the first day of instruction, the very first thing we were told be the caddie master was to get a full-sized bath towel and to keep on end wet, and the other dry.  Keep it with you at all times.  You can't clean your player's ball on the green, or let him wipe off a sweaty grip, or his hands, if your towel is attached to the bag somewhere else.  Just watch the PGA Tour.  You'll begin to notice that the professional caddies still do the same today. 

For that reason, I hate purpose made golf towels.  They're generally too small, they have silly little grommets and hooks and crap hanging all over them, and aren't suitable for much more than providing advertising for whatever club or resort that they came from....

....and as such they're a waste of money.  There, I said it!

But.....damn, this is a nice golf towel! 

Players towel.jpg

To start, it's a full 42" x 20".  As a comparison, the large size "locker room" towel I'm carrying now is 45" x 25".  Identical for all practical purposes. 

The material is a thin micro fiber.  It's very light, even when wet, and the manufacturer claims that it's woven to hold over 300 times it's weight in water.  The construction is first rate, with stitched borders as well as the inside of the umbrella/putter slot.  The dye sublimation logos are crisp and clear.  The manufacturer claims that they will remain so permanently.  I seldom wash my towel, but I've washed this one 4 times so far just to see if I could notice any fading or other wear.  So far, after the washings and 15 rounds of golf, it looks as good as it did when I first received it.

In actual use, the towel does exactly what a towel is supposed to do.  It cleans whatever is dirty, and dries whatever is wet.  afterwards it dries quickly and washes clean with no apparent wear so far.  I only have one complaint.  Due to the micro fiber construction, it actually dries a bit too fast.  As stated, I prefer to keep on side wet while the other is dry.  Unfortunately, the "wet" side tends to dry out within 30 minutes or so.  That means that I have to be re-wetting it every few holes.  Not a big deal, but there is a bit of an annoyance factor when I try to wipe off my ball on the green and find that my towel isn't wet anymore.  For that reason, I ranked it only 4 of 5 for effectiveness.  Of course, someone who prefers that their towel remain completely dry at all times, would likely rank it higher. 

Overall, this is without a doubt the best purpose made golf towel I've ever used.  Is it better than stealing an old towel from the closet when the wife isn't looking?  No.  But neither is it worse....and even I have to admit, it looks a heck of a lot better hanging on the bag.  Is it worth $25?  Probably not for me, I think I'd still stick with old school.  But for those that like to class things up just a little, this is one towel where you won't be giving up function to gain a little form.

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Note: This thread is 1396 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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