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TST Member Review - Birdicorn Divot Tool + Ball Mark

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Product Name: Birdicorn Divot Tool + Ball Mark
Product Type: 7-In-One All-Purpose Tool
Product Website/URL: https://birdicorn.com/
Cost: $22

Ratings (out of 5):
Quality: 4
Value: 5
Effectiveness: (see description - varies greatly by category)
Durability: 5
Esthetic Appeal: 5


I have a personal quirk that is uniquely applicable to reviewing a product like the Birdicorn: I hate carrying things in my pockets.  I literally don't accept change when I pay in cash (I just put it in a tip jar or even put quarters in the "take-a-penny" tray), and I have a drawer at work where I put my wallet, keys, etc. while I am at my desk.

Obviously, when I'm playing golf, I need to carry a ball marker (up until now, my trusty TST gradated marker) and a divot repair tool (sadly, only used a few times a round).  So, I was intrigued by the Birdicorn, as a tool that could replace those two items with one, and maybe have some other side benefits for the other functions.  I'll quickly go over each function below, but here is the TL;DR version:

The Birdicorn isn't necessarily effective for all seven of its stated functions, but it's good enough at four of them (ball mark holder, ball mark repair, groove cleaner, and club rest) that it's worth the price, and it's become the only thing I keep in my pocket during a round of golf.  It's also really well-made, and the ability to customize colors is neat.  It'd make a great gift for a golfer instead of that sleeve of ProV's you get them every year, but I'd even recommend buying it if (like me) you like the all-in-one convenience of carrying just one thing with you through a full round.

Here's a couple photos of mine (red tool color with black ball mark graphic color):



Here's my take on each of the 7 claimed functions:

1.) Ball Mark Holder: I really like the Birdicorn ball mark.  It has enough heft to it without being overly thick (about 1/16"), and it has a two-sided graphic that lets you remember if you move your mark out of someone's line.  It fits nicely in the magnetic slot of the tool.

2.) Ball Mark Repair: The Birdicorn shines here also.  The tines are nice and sharp, straight, and thin...perfect for repairing ball marks.  It's a little larger than my "one-off" repair tool, but it's aluminum, so it's nice and light.

3.) Bottle Opener:  It works - there's enough leverage to open bottles easily.  I don't think I've ever opened a bottle on a golf course, and I don't know that I ever will...but I guess it's nice to know that I have one in my bag.  It's not like that function adds any size/weight to the tool, so it's a nice there-if-you-need-it bonus.

4.) Ball-Line Stencil: This one is a stretch.  There are a few problems - the line you can create is pretty short (maybe 3/4"), and the groove is a little wide for a standard Sharpie so it's not easy to make a perfectly straight single line.  Also, now I have Sharpie on my nice new aluminum Birdicorn tool. If I wanted to put lines on my golf ball (I don't), I'd get a tool dedicated to that and throw it in my bag.  I don't see the advantage of having one in your pocket at all times, especially when it's not very good at it.

5.) Club & Cigar Rest: This is nice (at least for clubs; I don't smoke cigars).  The curved end actually works really well for this function.  I don't use it much, but with dewey grass, it's a good way to keep the putter handle out of the grass while hitting a chip/pitch shot.  A club rest is not something I'd ever carry with me or in my bag, but it's really nice to have one in your pocket when you need it without lugging around anything additional.

6.) Putt Alignment Aid: I didn't even realize that this was a thing people used tools/markers for.  I don't.  I don't even see how this would help you, unless maybe during practice (where you could leave it in place), and then there are much better tools for that function.

7.) Groove Cleaner: This works really well.  The tines are sharp, and the tool is straight which makes it easier, and it's aluminum so it's soft enough that I don't think it'd damage grooves.  Like #5, not something I use all the time, but nice to have without needing to carry something extra.


In summary, at least for me, this is really a 4-in-one tool (Ball Mark Holder, Mark Repair, Club Rest, Groove Cleaner)...but, it does these four things well enough that it's easily replaced my previous ball mark and repair tool as the only item that I carry in my pocket while golfing.  It's also really well made, and I like the customizable colors.

I'd definitely recommend it as both a gift and as a purchase for golfers who want a very high-quality item that can serve multiple needs during a round.

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