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High Lofted Hybrids

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Game has not been good at all in August, I can't hit an iron at all, and even my mini-driver is missing in both directions. Will get it fixed at some point but injury and physical impairments mean I can't really do range sessions right now. 

Through these last few dreadful games, I've found one unusual club that I've  been able to hit well - my 5 hybrid. I don't normally use this club much as it's less accurate than my 5i, but in the last couple of weeks it's been the club that's helped me get round - even managed to somehow grind out a win in my society on Saturday. Yes, left misses are possible, but, like many hybrids, it's just so easy to hit. 

This is obviously no good for shorter approaches, but it got me thinking and I wondered what something like a 7 hybrid (or a 13 wood?) would play like? I realise that these clubs are rare and mainly played by women, and that there must be a reason for that , but I'm curious if anybody has experience with such clubs? I wonder if they could also help with soggy fairways, a shot I can struggle with even when I'm playing better. 

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I had both a 6h and 7h custom made. They are Acer XDS with Apollo steel shafts. I got them when i was really struggling but now use them during the winter months (less stinging on a cold morning). I was suprised how good they played and just easy to hit even when the swing has gone all Pete Tong!. I may have to but the 6h back in the bag.

You can get them through Nordica Golf and sometimes on Amazon. They cost me about £34 each 

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I know this is an older post, but it hits home for me. I have some Rheumatoid arthritis that limits some of the things I can do. Every year I kept adding a higher-lofted hybrid and putting an iron in my garage. I now have everything from 3-hybrid to loft-wedge hybrid. I know that sounds strange, but they have really helped me be more consistent. They are SO easy to hit. The only shot they have trouble with is sitting up in heavier rough, where they can go right under the ball. I keep one iron wedge in my bag for that and chipping. I have old Nike SUMO Square 3-7 hybrids, and 8-LW hybrids from Thomas Golf (also square-heads). I have dropped from a 22-23 handicap to a 12-13 and have shot in the 30s several times (No 79s yet though). Does anyone else here play these clubs regularly?

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I've just put a 6H in my bag to replace my 6I.  Only played a few rounds, but my stats show I hit it straight and a bit further than my 6I.  I can also use it for bump and run shots.  So far I love it.

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    • Go back and look at Golf Digests Hot List from 5-7 years ago online and find the game improvement category. The Hot List is a bit of a joke I realize but you will see the offerings from all the big companies for that year. Then just go on Ebay and see what you can find putting in whichever club looks good. Ping, Callaway, Taylormade, Cobra, Cleveland, all good options.
    • Few different things to look at here. First as already mentioned 6.5K spin is really high and no shaft is going to bring that down by itself. I would like to see that number under 3000. I would suggest taking a look at where you are making contact on the face of the club as that can greatly influence the spin numbers. Also just fyi, that head is going to produce more spin than something from the last 4 or 5 years. I would almost be tempted to say find a new driver and just go with the shaft that comes with it. What loft is on the current driver as that will also play a big role in spin and launch? Also did not see any mention of ball flight height. Assuming its really high, but wanted to check if it starts high or rises up after launch. If you want comp shaft recommendations to the Slay, which is technically mid price range by todays pricing, there are tons out there. VA actually calls this shaft a high launch, low spin design. Now technically that isn't really possible as launch and spin go together ie high/high or low/low. It really looks more like a mid launch and spin design to me. Similar options to look at could be Aldila Tour Blue 55g (Ebay around $60), any Mitsubishi Blue board style (will say blue in name or have blue color on it) again in 55g (Ebay around $80-$200 depending on model) would be too options. What else did you hit during the fitting, as that could help narrow down options.  Last thing, I might watch this video below I did concerning finding the ideal set up for your driver. Again the swing is going to be the biggest influence but impact position on the face will also play a large role.  
    • I golfed today. I golfed with some of my regular golf buddies. I almost backed out, but am happy I did not. Was feeling kind of down after last weekend when I SUCKED. Today was a much better experience. I did win the front nine, but am not sure yet on the back nine. After I totaled up my score I am happy. My friend Larry asked me 'Where were you last week?". I answered, "I have no idea". Golf... stupid game  
    • Sometimes I hit a few and putt a few. Sometimes I'll swing a couple clubs to loosen up.
    • I don’t have a warm up routine. I don’t usually hit balls at the range before a round, maybe putt a few minutes but that’s it. I do swing my driver maybe 5 times and crack all my knuckles at the first tee before starting my round. 
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