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I’m looking to find a Resso VTX long Putter and can’t seem to find any on line. I bought one of the last ones that was made before the companies founder passed away. I would like to find another one just like the one I have. Anyone have any ideas?


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Sorry to get back late, busy holiday.

Nonetheless, I have:

1-Reeso VTX Putter with an adjustable shaft, which makes it easier for traveling and is USGA approved.

1-Reesso Cook Face-On Putter nonadjustable shaft

1 Reese Putters.com SFT Headcover

2-53” metal shafts

1-Adjustable shaft conversion kit.

Let me know if your interested in anything.

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The putters are my seventy-eight-year-old Dad, who doesn’t play much golf anymore.

And, like a little kid, once I brought them out, he’s now having fun putting around the house.

When I told him about the situation, he didn’t seem thrilled to be selling them.

Honestly, he’s having a good time; I’d really can’t sell it now

I apologize; I got ahead of myself.

I’ll keep you in mind if we go to sell them.

Again, sorry for any inconvenience.

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    • @Nick-uk Just a thought, you can always get your lie adjusted (whether you do it now or later).  It’s pretty simple to have done down the road.  I had mine adjusted 1 degree upright after the fact. FWIW… We’re similar height, similar distance with the 7i.  I’ve been playing the DG S300 and S400 for as long as I’ve been playing, and very happy with them.  I did try different shafts once, ran back to the DG.  I can only assume the DG product life has existed for a long time for a reason. Also, unless someone is quite short or tall, most people will be fine with a “standard” fit.
    • Unless I’m working off of outdated information, the standard Dynamic Gold shafts haven’t really changed much in decades. They’re known to be low launch and high spin, kind of the preferred trajectory of yesteryear. Again, spin rate alone is not enough information, but low spin rate + low apex height suggests an issue to me. It could just be your swing, but it’s also possible that shaft doesn’t fit you anyway. Just for reference I’m a “low spin” ball striker myself, but my 7i averages 5900 rpm, not 4000. My average apex height is 95’ though. I play KBS Tours. I was fitted out of DG S300 years ago. They don’t work for me.
    • PXG 0211 Dual Core. $77/club. New XF driver $299. Done. Solid.
    • Some of them know and care quite deeply. Your statement is wrong.
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