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  1. That’s where it is on many carts. The middle protects the most.
  2. Just don't let it encourage you to pull the handle low left.
  3. iacas

    PGA Show 2020

    I'm not seeing a bunch of "great new awesome" this year. Mostly just evolutionary stuff, not revolutionary stuff.
  4. Yeah, moreso it has to do with the inclination of the hips and their turning around that inclination. Even if the "circle" shifts laterally a little, it's still inclined.
  5. He said "yeah, that was about right." So, a mis-hit. Also maybe not even his driver? He reps FS, so I don't think he's going to post a bad number on purpose.
  6. Here's some info: The title picture in there (Seve's grip, I believe) doesn't tough the base of the thumb.
  7. His left hip doesn't elevate immediately, either. It slides forward while staying "lower" in the early part, and transitions into a more rotational move later on.
  8. Do you think it should touch? Why?
  9. iacas

    PGA Show 2020

    Now you're adding a laser. The initial post - where I reacted to point out that a gyroscope would not cut it - didn't mention a laser too. I'm also pretty sure the thing doesn't have lasers.
  10. There's no "major asset." He flips right now. He's not being asked to turn his shoulders less, just not to let his arms run on a little as long, because that directly contributes to them trying to "throw out" so much from the top.
  11. Day 23 - January 22, 2020 Today was a loooooooong day getting Analyzr 3.0 out the door and doing the basic work on the site to get it to 3.0 status. While waiting for some compiles, some uploads, on Apple to issue the notarization… I hit some putts focusing on the way my wrists worked. So… not full swing, for the first time in awhile.
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