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  1. The concession would take place after the infraction. So there may no longer be an active player to concede the putt to.
  2. Is the logo on yours backward too? 🙂 Good price. I think Callaway is Nikon.
  3. I’ve deleted probably eight posts in this topic. Follow the rules please. Especially “quote the red question” and “move on once the topic has.”
  4. Against the rules and you can concede anyway. M
  5. Mach 3, for one, requires more space. You’re swinging big ropes and chains and things.
  6. The fixed score thing lets you set the max score at double par, net triple, 10, etc. That’s not true of Stableford. USKG for example used to have a limit of 10, which is now perfectly legal.
  7. Don’t have it bowed much at the top, at 4. Bow it coming down.
  8. There’s no such thing as “senior” tees except by tradition at most courses.
  9. Yep, -0.084 strokes T2G. And 14.176 putting.
  10. That's a bad idea. Ideal launch conditions don't change for a pretty broad range of conditions. Hit it normally.
  11. I played that round with 6 to 11 handicappers. No string, mulligans, etc.
  12. I’ve seen it done where players get 10% of their handicaps and it adds up to the team handicap. So a 20, 15, 12, and a 6 get 5. But yeah … generally not handicapped and almost never SIX.
  13. A six person scramble WITH handicaps? 49 doesn’t seem at all out of the question. I mean I’ve shot 53 playing with four and no handicaps.
  14. iacas

    NHL 2019-20

    Took him long enough. 😉
  15. Oh, that's interesting. Might look into that more at the beginning of next year.
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