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  1. 72. 37/35. 72.0/142 course, so a 0.0. Didn't birdie either of the first two holes, which are the only ones left in my Birdie Challenge for the year. I lipped out at 2. 1 I over-read and hit a bit too hard, but the two shots leading up to it were some of the best I've hit this year on that hole. They were with a bright orange/red Vice Pro Plus, I think. I dunno, found it the other day.
  2. Day 266 - Sept 19, 2020 Played 18 holes in the morning. Shot 72. Well, we skipped a hole where we were invited to play through. So 17 holes. Took a par there.
  3. Indeed. We do not. I do not accept that. Tiger > Jack.
  4. Nor do I, and @Mr Puddle will yet again be serving a timeout. And if @Mr Puddle makes any comment about how he doesn't think this was bad, or indicates that he fails to see what he did wrong here, or anything of the sort, either now or before the 20 points I gave him expire in a year, he'll be gone permanently. This type of behavior is not tolerated here.
  5. He played better in 2017, though.
  6. Ditch Cameron? How about his wife? 😉
  7. Day 265 - Sept 18, 2020 Rehearsals in the patio glass doors. Feeling as though the shaft is \ and I'm turning against my right leg and staying into the ground there.
  8. Good place for that right here:
  9. Put a stick: On your target line. 4' or so in front of your ball. Roughly at the lie angle of your club. Then swing "right" of it.
  10. I'm not sure why anyone would choose the latter? Maybe if they really LOVE hitting driver?
  11. Her coach is wrong, and likely costing that team some of its performance. Absent a glaring weakness, 65/20/15 holds up over a wide range of handicaps, genders, etc. I could see how women might shift it slightly, because if you're hitting it 220, the fairways play a lot wider… but if you're hitting it 220, you're also hitting longer clubs into many greens, so you have to be better with a 5H from 170 than a guy does with a 9I from 140. Y'know? The best players on the LPGA Tour are the better ball strikers, just like on the PGA Tour.
  12. Basically, same place, but in front of you, down the target line.
  13. Where is the stick? Behind you? I like it in front of you, and you swinging over it (right of it). Behind you can be dangerous, too. And it leads to more "steering" and "pulling in" in the part of the swing where you really want to be dynamic, whereas on the front you're letting it fly and extending it, more.
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