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  1. It’s likely a result not a cause. I can’t say much of anything without video.
  2. Camera angle is bad. Face is open at the top which explains the flip which explains the hook.
  3. Day 426 - February 27, 2021 About 30 minutes. Three feels: shift the vertical, arms up, into thigh.
  4. My right knee extends in the backswing too. And my right shoulder goes up. My right elbow bends…
  5. Tiger Woods 'in good spirits' after follow-up procedures for leg injuries Tiger Woods had "successful" follow-up procedures on his injuries Friday morning, according to a... Talus break. Not good. Talus bone - Wikipedia
  6. And you’re just being a grumpy old fart. We’ve been over this. Read on before replying @Shorty.
  7. Most of his 2013 wins were less than 8 years ago. It’s still February man. And 2014-2017 were injury riddled. Surgery riddled.
  8. Huh? He has three wins in 2018-19 alone. @Double Mocha Man you’re not proving your case. I also don’t think we were really commenting on the majors. Tiger doesn’t need sponsor invites to play regular (non-WGC, non-invitational) events. He’s lifetime exempt. This indicates you don’t know what lifetime exempt means. I think that’s what he’s saying.
  9. All of the players in this are highly ranked. Did they make any comments about it? His playing partners? Was the announcer on the tee?
  10. What PSI did you use? I’ve had grips bubble but never balloon that much because I use short small bursts at ~60 PSI. With my hand around the grip to help pull it/slide it.
  11. @Lagerman I’m fine with you having this topic but for individual order specifics please just use PMs (like the shipping conversation). It’ll keep the topic clutter-free.
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