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  1. Look at the poll results and tell me again “most do.” And I need not respect it any more than any other opinion. Particularly if I have good reasons to think it’s short sighted.
  2. Phil. We have this topic already. I’ll have someone merge it.
  3. I don’t. Your 90% weighted average strikes me as awfully short sighted. Majors are almost a small sample size. Winning or losing two has a HUGE effect. And most of Tiger’s regular victories were against stiffer competition than Jack faced in his majors.
  4. It’s $29.95 from us, shipping included. We are the only people printing them. If someone on Amazon is selling it, it’s being re-sold. Just FYI.
  5. You made nothing clear. You quoted an entire block of text and then responded with a sentence or two. The wins are quantifiable. It’s a count. The fact that the fields are stronger/deeper could also be pretty accurately quantified.
  6. It’s quantifiable because you can literally count them and come up with a number.
  7. That's an insulting bit of absolute bullshit, but beyond that, cool.
  8. Actually you made a triple, because you were required to replace your ball after your brother's ball hit it, and play from there. You played from a wrong place, incurring a two-stroke penalty. I know that's not the topic, but… learn some of the more basic rules, please. They help you quite a bit more often than people think. There's no real answer to the question, because how do you quantify that? Overall, breaks tend to level out, good and bad. The better the golfer, the less luck matters.
  9. Okay. Except I hope she got it from lowestscorewins.com. 😄 Let me know when you read it so I can get you the badge. Hopefully she's not cruel enough to make you wait until June.
  10. Pretty soon it's gonna be 37 > 33 or something like that. 😛
  11. Every Shot Counts. Did you buy a copy of LSW off Amazon or something?
  12. No it wouldn't. The facts are that the competition is stiffer now. That's an empirical fact. I can use that to determine other facts. That Jack may win 18 against stiffer competition would just mean that the experiment wasn't controlled very well as another factor came into effect.
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