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  1. YOu can play at the world golf hall of fame
  2. That's Chase Duncan out at NCstate he smashes the ball for his size. Thats him swinging easy and he's like 125lbs or something
  3. I hit the ball a decent ways around mid 160s ballspeed and I can get it to 170s if I go all out but, I'm not the longest by far from some of the guys I play with around here. I'm longer than most of my normal playing partners but, in CGA events where I go against college players or some other taller players I'm left in the dust. Last week I played with a guy in his early 50s and he had me by 10-20 yards every drive. 220 average for male golfers is short I haven't played with anyone decent that hits it that short around here but, if you average the shots that go OB or into a hazard then mayb
  4. You really need to pay attention to where you set the camera up as well when you video. Changing the angle can make the swing plane look way different
  5. I assume the black ones are for the driver, 3w, 5w, hybrid. The irons and putter go along the edge and the one big gap at the bottom is for your wedges.
  6. I've witnessed many people go broke and blow their inheritance chasing this dream and they were miles better than you. One decent college kid I remember played on the egolf tour here. His father had passed and left him 250k. He chased the dream for 2 years but, after paying entry fees upwards of 2k per event , membership fees, bills, rent ect... He went home making nothing off those tours and broke. I've had other friends thinking that shooting even par they can somehow make a living out there. They get a reality check when they go to monday qualify and their -2 isn't even in top 20 and
  7. Maybe back in the balata ball days or something but, tiger hits 9 iron alot longer than 142 now with same old lofts.
  8. If you are a veteran or emergency responder you can get 50% off right now for Gen1 irons. They come out cheaper than pretty much any other top of the line brand I almost bought a backup set.
  9. just read the last few pages but, have you played with having a little more flying right elbow so your shoulder isn't already so externally rotated that you can't rotate it more on the downswing to shallow it? When that right shoulder and elbow is so tight it's sorta hard not to tip it even dufner tips it some coming down
  10. I play it on the simulator alot closest I"ll ever get
  11. There are a few decent courses near by nothing outstanding that I can remember. If you are willing to drive an hour Cutter Creek north of there is a hidden jewel in NC. It's one of the best conditioned courses in the state and great layout along with cheap tee times.
  12. 18 holes of trackman isn't cheap I wonder how much Amanda Balionis charges per hole
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