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  1. Dont think a more expensive ball like V1 will make much difference -except perhaps in your wallet...you might want to try one of the very best all around 2 piece balls which is also made by Titleist...the DT So/Lo These balls are a great mix of distance and feel and go for about 20 bucks a dozen new .. and.much less recycled. also do yourself a favor and avoid refinished balls altogether...good luck!
  2. I play Pro V1X and really like the overall feel in all aspects of my game-especially 100 yards in and putting. I may lose a handful of yards off the tee but its well worth it since I'm not a big hitter off the tee anyway and rely completely on my shortgame...
  3. You're absolutely correct...this is between Couples and Keegan Bradley.(..and perhaps a senior member of the US Team like Phil -in private)....for any of the Internationals to be commenting on Couples picks is inappropriate and perhaps mere gamesmanship on their part...disgraceful behaviour at any rate. BTW: I happen to think that Freddie has made a mistake here as well and that Keegan is most deserving of a place on the team as the ONLY American holding a Major win this year... I can only hope that Tiger rises to the challenge and plays more like the Tiger of old...and maybe Keegan
  4. You may be correct about calling Norman for" entertainment"...but recently Greg is proof positive of an old Mark Twain bit of advise..."Best to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and confirm it." Perhaps Norman is trying to desperately make up for his remarkably underachieving career by shooting his mouth off and acting like some kind of "elder of the game" but... His interview in Golf Mag or Golf Digest this month was atrocious...he is a loose canon spouting forth his incredibly unschooled and/or uninformed opinions on all matters of beast! T
  5. It couldnt hurt....another problem is that too many folks hit from the wrong teebox (amazing how many people think they warrant the tips!!) ...so military golf ensues...as in "left, right, left" and fetching the errant shots wastes lots of time...to make matters worse yet at my course they often let 5-somes, six-somes and the like play...as if foursomes arent slow enough...and these guys rarely let others play through....it can literally add more than an hour to your round and destroy any tempo you might be establishing... oh and one more classic time killer that backs things up is
  6. Footjoy Contours for me ...like walking on air right out of the box....at a reasonable price too!
  7. aside from the V1 and V1x (my personal favorite)....the NXT Tour is very good and the DT So/Lo is surprisingly so for Titleists low end 2 piece...so/lo runs about 20 bucks a box.... FYI: I dislike the NXT (not to be confused with the NXT Tour!) as I find it very rock-like....no feel at all! Just my opinion......good luck.
  8. Does it have the AGSI+ insert? I have this in the Taylormade Rossa Daytona classic blade and LOVE IT! Ball rolls right off the face true and smooth....
  9. I recently (few months ago) regripped with Golf Pride Tour Velvet midsize and LOVE them...they look and feel great in all kinds of conditions and wear like iron-and are quite inexpensive to boot!....it's no accident that Tour Pros who can grip with any brand they please so often choose Golf Pride Tour Velvet....methinks that if they choose to play this grip for a million bucks on any given Sunday...perhaps they will serve me just as well in a 5 buck Nassau :)
  10. I agree....it's not about the brand ..it's about how comfortable and effective you are with the respective club...I play Nike Driver (Dymo), Cleveland Hibore 3 hybrid, Nike(Sumo2 hybrids) long irons (4-7) and Cleveland Niblick scoring clubs(8-SW)...and a Taylormade Daytona 1 Classic putter with AGSI+ insert...I love them all...but I love them because they are right for me. Most often you'll even see that Tour Pros do not have a bagfull of any one OEM sticks ...and they are required by their sponsors to carry X number of the company's products..but often vary when given the flexibility t
  11. I agree that many will resist any change to the majors....but in the end golf sadly is THE corporate sport with all that implies -good and bad...so when a big money sponsor ponies up enough cash -all this "tradition" talk will fast change to "New Era" in golf "Global Game" speak and we will, indeed , see a fifth -and maybe more! Major....money doesnt talk...it screams. (i.e. the Hope Classic has declined in recent years due to PGA players declining to come in favor of more lucrative appearance fees elsewhere -often in rather far-flung locales..)
  12. I'm inclined to agree with your assessment...I think that the governing bodies of golf will probably leave the belly putter alone...afterall aren't they fresh off of changing the groove rules? That's enough meddling for a decade or so. :)
  13. Taylormade Rossa Classic Daytona1 with AGSI+ insert....the roll and feel are fantastic and the price is reasonable too.
  14. If you're getting good results as you suggest and have a distinct purpose for each club...I'd just stop tinkering with it and carry both....you're lucky in that you can hit a 60 effectively...I dont even carry one because I cant hit it worth a damn...and my lack of confidence in the stick only makes it worse.
  15. I tend to buy new clubs after they become older models-at huge discounts! My driver, for example, is the Nike Dymo which was "hot" in 2009 ...and sold for around 400 bucks...I payed 100 bucks brand new! Absolutely love it too and it replaced my Nike Sumo2 Driver as this Dymo was the next gen of the same model... imo the best club to buy used is the putter since so little real wear gets put upon them...and its always nice to have a half dozen or so different models in the garage for when the putting muse is ignoring you on the greens :)
  16. Sorry to hear that you lost a favorite club...I'm always incensed when lost clubs are not turned in to the pro shop...so much for "A Gentlemens Game" eh? Sadly lost clubs are as good as gone at my course as well...as for price disparity on ebay...its usually due to condition of club ...but also beware of counterfeits...there are many very reputable sellers at ebay and one good indicator is their feedback scores ...also are they "Powersellers" with thousands of successful transactions...hope you find a worthy replacement....and for the sake of our common humanity I hope someone turns in
  17. Putting is as subjective as buying a toothbrush...the only rule is how comfortable you feel at address...as confidence is 99% of putting...be sure to try different length putters in order to keep your stroke smooth...for example I am short (5 foot 7 inches ) so I actually have had my traditional putters at standard 33 inches and even cut some to 32 inches....its all about feel... you might also want to try some of the new belly putters that are so popular right now as well as they serve to stabilize your stroke... the Cleveland putter you said you liked is a pretty good one -espe
  18. Hi everyone: I'm brand new to this board...a refugee left at the curb when the Golf Channel reneged on its promise of creating a "new and improved" discussion board...then eliminated the entire thing instead! Anyway, this looks like a very nice place to call my golf discussion home -and I've been thirsting for good on-line golf discourse for quite some time... that said the issue at hand is the belly putter...I just purchased a new putter adaptor to try on my existing putter because when I fooled around with a putter too long for me and made believe it was a belly putter I
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