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  1. Wow, so many blaming the OB walkers for being in the way of the errant golf ball. When you hit the ball into the water, you pay the price. A penalty stroke. When you hit the ball OB, off the property, and that ball breaks someones jawbone, you pay the price of repair. Seems totally fair to me. Whether the course has any liability is unknown to me coz the off property, public, walkway may indeed be in jeopardy by being very close to oblivious pedestrians, kids on bikes, motorcars, etc. If the course has seen many balls hit into the same area, the off property, then the course shoul
  2. I note that on your list of clubs, the 68* is called the 'FW', which i 'assumed' was the Flop Wedge. Might be you have another meaning for 'FW'. Jamestown NY? Capital city of Chautauqua Co., if i'm not mistaken. Hardly since my first born arrived there. Next was born in Westfield NY, along the Lake Erie. Great place in the summer. And, get this, near to Erie PA, home of super golf instruction. Regarding the flop from near the green, too often, if fluffy, slide the wedge totally under the ball. A nice swing but no ball movement and yes, one stroke.
  3. I have never seen that small red flag before. Thanks for pointing it out. I wonder if i will ever use the 'inform moderator' function.
  4. Vangator. Is that 68* thing called the 'Flop Wedge'? Hard to believe such an iron is not a home-made contraption, bent and ground down to resemble a bezel on a stick. And regarding the rough at Dublin OH this time of year, very unlikely to be Bermuda grass. So you guys from FL would not know how to play the shot. Nice try , though. Did Spieth carry a 'chipper' iron? That would be one way to just get the ball onto the green and let it run. Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyss-lLroSE
  5. R u a banker, DougJ? Sounds like it. Maybe a lawyer skilled at deflection.
  6. I do not go to professional sporting events to watch the fans. Only an a** would pay $50 to watch the people around him. Or, wait, a 'social media' nutcase. Yeah, the Blackhawks have moved on but in my day the Chicago Stadium seemed pretty wild with Stan Makita and Bobby Hull pushing the puck about.
  7. Pray tell, what is a 'made up golfer'? Half the bolder names on that list i have never heard of either. And i had never heard of Lingmerth before Sunday noon.
  8. Well, putting is not exactly like the driver and 6iron shots. All sorts of putting variations are seem each Sunday on the TV as the pros use the claw. the left hand low, the belly putter, the broomstick...you name it. I used the left hand putting style for years coz the stance relieved the back pain i got practicing right handed. Worked ok. Would say now that no inherent merit in left over right. Might depend on dominant eye. Left hand putters can be found very cheap in 2nd hand shops.
  9. I believe golf insurance, covering errant balls which cause injury or damage, is available. And at many courses i have seen signs posted on first tee box telling all that 'golfers are totally responsible for damage caused etc', the course suffers no liability under any circumstances.
  10. Easy. Bunker hole out 3 days ago, eagle never, and unlikely in the future. But, possible. Don't wait up.
  11. Eighty bucks? Why cry so loud? A up-market bottle of wine costs that much and lasts one hour.
  12. No apparent relationship between price and comfort in shoes, i have found. Too many variables in shoe construction and my feet. Almost always gotta try em, and even then i sometimes lose.
  13. At some courses, overridden with rooting animals like wild pigs, the management employs 'abnormal ground conditions' and free drop outside those areas where the pigs have bulldozed the turf. Obviously the groundskeepers cannot post a sign at every spot as many happen during the night.
  14. I could see the issues with my question about one hour after the post. In the future, I'll be more aware of not only the 'unplayable' rule and options but also the techniques used to drop to my advantage, when possible.
  15. Wow, this thread jumped 9 years in 10 minutes. Me, i'm glad the conversation about Phil's toilet habits have left the building.
  16. Into the final round and the Scandinavians are packed tight on the leaderboard, except for the German, Kieffer. Am MKinhult had a bad Saturday and shot 77, way back now. Alex Noren on top at -11, nearest at -9.
  17. Yes, Tiger is off Sunday morn at 8.10, alone. Frankly, i hope masses of fans turn out and wish him well on every shot. Whatever his golf future, he has done us all a mountain of good.
  18. Plz Bubble, tell us how Tiger's caddy contributes to his score. Did Joe LaCave fail to inform on Rules violation, pull 6i not 9i, leave pin in hole as ball struck it...??
  19. I brought 2 mid-teen boys to Wrigley Field one summer day, from way out in the countryside. We saw Sammy Sosa pound a ball onto Waverly Ave and were thrilled. Sammy's bad?
  20. should have taken the one stroke and dropped 2 club lengths, not nearer, but f*cked up badly and into the shrub twice after. Of the 3 possible drop positions available, the 2 club lengths, seems now to have been the best choice and my Q is simply: must those 2 club lengths be in a straight line away from the ball? Presumably, there is no 'nearest point' in this case, only the point of my choosing so i could have laid the driver, put a mark, then laid the next driver at a 90* angle, or any other angle, to the first to optimize my next shot. On TV, we usually see penalty dro
  21. Schoolboy amateur. 19 years old, leads pro tourney, at least tied for first spot. Yes, shooting -9 over 2 days, Marcus Kinhult, a Swedish am is getting to the weekend while our favorites like, MAJimenez and TJaidee go home. TV commentators said Marcus was ranked #2 in the world of male ams, so quite likely he knows the wrinkles in his home course. We will see what the weekend brings from Malmo, Sweden.
  22. Who's the SadSack with the scowling face? Someone i should know? No need to respond.
  23. The girl is now a Univ student so that does take some attention and dedication. Edu to the Asians, and many others of course, is very important so she will strive to do well in the studies. Guys like us, only dreaming of #1, #1, #1, perhaps do not appreciate the high level of confidence and ability to accept the game today that folks like LKo bring to the sport. It's not like a contact sport where one clunk to the head, or knee, brings immediate end to the paychecks. I predict LKo will end the year at World #1.
  24. Not in my book, luggage. Probably due to differences in publication date, reprints, etc. My book, First Fireside Ed. 1985, page 39, has only a drawing of Ben at address and a short para, "The proper stance...interrelated assignments correctly". However, in the review section, my page 118, we find a drawing of Ben in his underwear at address. With the para "There is one correct basic stance:...It is extremely important to keep the elbows and arms as close together as possible. Remember, too: the knees point in'. So yes, Ben wants our knees pointing inwards, and looking at the il
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