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  1. Top 4.....Don't know the order yet... Paddy Phil Cabrerra Tiger Yes......I know I am going out on a limb!
  2. Right back at you acj990.....Unfortunately I will be "working" but watching it on the internet (Which I think is great..........NO COMMENTARY!!! ) Just pretty flowers and birds chirping in the background. Saturday and Sunday is full on ribfest at Three Putts Crib with the Masters! ZJ is a stud and has a great chance !
  3. He's all good with me. He admitted to his mistakes. Whatever. He damn sure deserves a second chance. As Rodney King said...."Can't we all just get along?" Cant we all just enjoy golf's "Holy Week"...the Masters! May the best man win....I'm Jacked!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm thinking Paddy for the win....just a hunch......
  4. He's a little piglet. What a moron. He doesn't need to worry about saving his marriage...he needs to worry about AIDS. Eldrick needs to call it a good day if he only gets gonnereah (sp?) !
  5. Excellent Points, but at least in golf they have to earn a paycheck...miss the cut = no $$$$, sorry about your expenses for the week. Basketball and Baseball disgust me with the $$$ that is thrown around, that's why I don't watch either. Ricky Fowler is one of the hottest young stars right now and has made 1.25 million in a half a year or so (plus the Puma money), playing some good golf, imagine if he was a 19 year old basketball or baseball prospect....what kind of contract do you think he would have coming out of college?
  6. Immelman, Adam Scott. And of course Boom Boom...never see a guy just let the club "fall down" and smoke it 300!
  7. so much for taking her medicine and moving on...... Do any of the officials have duct tape?
  8. She clearly broke the rules...with all the water and mud flying it was an honest mistake... but a rules breach. She should take her medicine and move on.
  9. I agree, I thought his answer was excellent. He is an outstanding wedge player and played that hole the way he wanted to his wedge game. Fowler has quickly become one of my favorites, seems to have a real good head on his shoulders and doesn't get rattled easy. Great with the fans also, he will be a force.
  10. Yes...what Shindig said. These guys are much more impressive in person. KJ Choi could double as a halfway decent fullback in college football. D. Johnson, N. Watney, B. Watson are all tall and lanky dudes....D. Johnson has a little more muscle. When these dudes step on the tee...it's a big shot brudder! The old saying that TV add's 15 pounds is true, much different in person. Hell...Jim Furyk looks "wirey strong" in person. These guys are pro's and look the part.
  11. Three Putt

    Alvaro Quiros

    Who's the longest doesn't matter much, all pro's are usually within 20 yards of each other. Brian Gay was paired with Dustin Johnson and Nick Watney last week and was about 20 or so yards back on the par 4's and 5's, but I think he played better in the first 2 rounds. Quiros can absolutely smoke the ball if he wants, just as far as D. Johnson or farther. Both are tall guys with some serious leverage, as well as Watney.
  12. At last weeks tournament Daly's ball was in the air about 5 seconds after the player before him. Dustin Johnson about 10 seconds
  13. I watched it a little. Feherty is mildly funny....McCord is quite strange...and not funny. Like said above better than watching the infomercials....except "The Hammer....POW!"
  14. Rickie Fowler......Very nice young player. Always stopped and signed autographs on the way to the practice tee at the Transitions. Waved to the fans on the way from green to tee boxes. Awesome player also. Followed him for a few holes, including his double bogey on the 1st yesterday. I see him winning a good amount of tournaments.
  15. JD hit the ball really well, I thought he jarred his approach shot on #7. I followed his group for about 3 holes. I watched the replay....your'e right, he was damn near putting for birdie on almost every hole.
  16. The driving range is pretty neat, you can stand about 20 feet behind the players, chipping green is to the left, putting green is up the hill a little Best hole to watch tee shots - probably #6 tee - you can almost stand completely around the tee box and it's a tough driving hole, there is a big tree that guards the right and woods on the left. last year Nick Watney hit one of the longest drives (all carry) I have seen on this hole. Hole #7 is a good tee box to watch drives from also. Best viewing area to camp out - 13th green - you can see action on 11 fairway, 12 green, and 13 of course. You will probably enter from parking at the 7th hole, great holes right around that area - it is a little walk to the 1st/10th tee area. Best place to get beered up - Owls Nest 17th green 18th tee box, I think it's $50 to get in, I think I am getting some comps though.....I rule. Where some good walking shoes, course is pretty hilly
  17. It's hard too see from the video, but if you are putting divots 1" to 2" after the ball I believe the 6.7 hcap....no problem. You look fast and a unconnected at the top.....slow the swing down at the transition at the top.
  18. That's exactly why it will be Stricker. They play well together and this will probably be the most watched golf tournament in the history of television. The Masters folks ain't no dummies, they want Tiger to win, and they don't want him paired up with some no names in the 1st two rounds. They want someone who will push Tiger.....so it's gonna be Stricker.
  19. I think it will be Stricker and then a lesser known player for the 3rd.
  20. Yep, Iv'e got three more than I had....I don't know how many I have though?!
  21. Ive been the last 3 years, it's a great tournament and lots of fun. The 17th green is the Hooter's Owls Nest....sort of a minature TPC Scottsdale 16th hole...gets pretty nuts on Saturday and Sunday
  22. Someone call me an ambulance! I broke my arm patting myself on the back!
  23. Rangers not doing their job...probably too busy eating their free lunch. 2 holes open is absurd......4 holes is down right comical.
  24. looks like a scoop at impact on that video. Try placing a tee about 6 inches in front of the ball at 1 inch high, try to swing through that tee for extension.
  25. little to quick at the transition to downswing. Slow the down swing a little and build a little more lag, looks like you are going at it hard at the top and trying to square up at limpact. Try practicing 3/4 punch shots with a 7 iron and develop into the longer clubs with that. Are most misses slices?
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