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  1. I"ve read this and really enjoyed it.I use the method swing the handle when it comes to putting,stops me getting wristy.
  2. if anybody pulls out shoot me a pm and i will take that spot
  3. If you pause your driver swing at the top looking from the rear notice how your shoulder plane is completly level,try a few slow practice swings by taking the club away by just rotating your upper torso.don't over rotate either.Try not to level out while doing this.
  4. Peverse pivot causes you to dip forward on the backswing and then fall backwards on the downswing which will cause you to go under the ball or cause pop ups.Swing usually gets very steep.
  5. Check to make sure your not doing a reverse pivot.
  6. I also got nailed by Clark also and i checked last night before going to bed.
  7. Signed up,it was fun last year,bring your A game folks
  8. WOW,what a finish,great stuff g-mac,great battle.Woods as usual a gracious looser.Two great sportsmen.
  9. I find with the scotty you have to hit the center of the club-face all the time,off center hits and distance control is well off.
  10. Lots of low rounds in this tournament,kudos to Poulter,he played very good.Should be good next tournament.
  11. We will soon have to take a evening class to learn how to do the adjustments with these,maybe it comes free if you pre-order online
  12. I'm also rooting for Westwood or Molinari,Westwood should have had a birdie on the 18th though.
  13. What i like about your swing is that you have absolutely no arm lift,when your upper body finishes turning that's it,no lift,you just go.Good stuff.
  14. If you feel like you need new irons then get them,as far as you tweaking your swing now and worried if this will affect the lie and loft later,i don't think so,we are always tweaking our swings and will never stop.
  15. WOW! 44* is a nine iron,so what happens when they get to the three and four iron? impossible to hit.I'm hoping to get a look at the mizuno's tomorrow,hope there in the store.My mate was going to buy the mp 58's but now wants to wait to try and look at the new irons.
  16. Try and hit twenty or so wedge shots before your first round,don't try and kill them.Focus on shoulder turn with them.
  17. Went to golfsmith also at the weekend to try these or have a look at them but they don't sell bridgestone either.So where is a man meant to see these or try them and why is no one selling them. Swing weight is something i never even thought about,
  18. Maybe they do,but that is a very bad weld,it has actually burned into the shaft.Thats a classic crow s*#t.
  19. He might be getting a rub at the CEO of BP there,remember the CEO used the phrase "little people" on the news and there was uproar about it.
  20. Man that was good,great sense of humour.
  21. I went to my local golf mart to have a look at these and maybe hit one and they don't sell bridgestone clubs any more
  22. I used to play it back in my stance and three quarter back and through swing which resulted in a lovely low ball.Problem is it generates to much spin into the wind.Now i play it from the center of my stance and go up a club or two and use the same swing,way better.
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