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  1. The 13th Warrior . Birdie. I haven't seen this one in a while. It's a very solid flick for me. It's just somewhat lacking in a certain something to make it a classic. It's up there with Desperado as one of my favorite Antonio Banderas movies. Plus, who doesn't love Vikings with English and Irish accents?
  2. Just three for me : Canada, Mexico and Antigua.
  3. I had to split it up into two segments, but yeah, despite Snyders tendency for slo-mo I thought this was much better than the other version. Cyborg probably gained the most from this cut. Had a chance to watch Sunshine again for the first time in a long while. Easy par from me.
  4. That, good sir, is why I will gladly roll up my sleeve when it's my turn for a needle.
  5. Meanwhile, six weeks later, the Oilers were red hot, cooled off ( damn you Toronto!), got somewhat hot again and now are idle due to one Montreal player contracting COVID. I'm getting thrashed in my weekly fantasy hockey pool this week. I sure hope one of my four players ( neither of them are named MacDavid or Draisaitl) can save my bacon on Saturday night.
  6. This seems to be a requisite. The father of my stepkids is horrible with this stuff. So many times I've left the room as soon as I hear "Dad sent me this video". I try not to bash the guy in front of them, but I always want to reply "was it before the juggling cat video or after the one where the mom feeds her two year old wasabi?". They also always complain about mainstream media, but have no qualms about accepting crap from YouTube as the gospel. One of my daughters Facebook feeds ( she's been unfollowed for a while now) is literally the False Facts video has been removed pictu
  7. In our mens league we golfed a few times against a guy who looks like the above picture. No follow through in his swing at all, but man could he muscle some shots far.
  8. The first episode of For All Mankind dropped on Apple TV yesterday. I started to watch it, but I realized I have to watch season 1 again, because I’ve forgotten most of what happened.
  9. Ooh, thanks, I haven't watched that one in ages. I finally watched the Godfather for the first time a couple years back. I'll say this, it's better than the Deer Hunter.
  10. Casablanca and Gone With The Wind are on my list as well. I'll add The Color Purple Dr Strangelove ( I own the damn thing, but I repeatedly fall asleep after ten minutes) Seabiscuit The Blind Side I have also never watched any of The Fast And Furious series
  11. That's the setup on my golf cart. Full enclosure, propane heater, spare bottle just in case. The beginning and end weeks of our men's league can be brutally cold.
  12. I've really been having issues hitting behind the ball lately. I'm going to give this a try.
  13. I hope it happens, but wouldn't be surprised if it didn't. Granted, it's from crap I've read on the internet, but some of the smaller market teams actually want to shut down, as opposed to having to carry a full salary payroll with reduced, if any, profits. As an Oilers fan, I'd love to be able to see more games than two against Toronto and Montreal.
  14. Ravenous is one of my favorites. Thanks for the mention, it's time to dig the dvd out of the basement and give it a whirl again. I wasn't impressed with Bone Tomahawk, but I was shocked by that one scene.
  15. Anyone else get their email reminder to make picks for tomorrows tournament? I didn't.
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