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  1. Thanks! I should probably know this but to invite someone, I just tag them? Then I presume they’ll go and hit the Join button? @woodzie264, my first guinea pig.
  2. They said it is 3% higher success, which surprises me. I have tried it before, and my contact was poor- which is likely a putting stroke issue. They lost me when they next inferred that for 33 putts, that means one stroke per round (33 x 0.03). Not true. A significant number of those 33 are gimme putts. I’d like to know more about the study. What was skill level of golfers? How much practice with eyes up method did the players need? Were people typically similar or did some people far favor one over the other?
  3. I’m no instructor but I think the key will be to work on one priority at a time. Erik has given you that one thing. Practice it in slow motion. Take video of those slow motion swings. Speed up til you have it right at full speed. Then continue that until you don’t think about it much. Then incorporate the next thing. The shanks should take care of themselves when you change the picture. Take a look at this: The other things I might add to the mix at any point are static like grip and posture (if those are problems, or if you need a refresher- and I’m not saying you do). Those
  4. Welcome @afmilboy02! Happy thanksgiving. I tweaked some of your post to make it fit our guidelines for member swings. The one thing we need you to do now is embed the videos- not attach them. In the “How To” dropdown, you’ll see an option for embedding videos. Under the “Info” dropdown there is an option for Instructional Content. Great stuff there as well as tips for how to have a good swing thread, including video tips. Good luck!!!
  5. I agree that I didn't find the study so compelling that I now think fast greens are one of the biggest factors in the pace of play initiative. http://www.usga.org/course-care/forethegolfer/2017/the-architectural-speed-limit-for-putting-greens.html USGA even assumes the relationship in this article above. But I like the term "architectural speed limit." I think that for the study to be done effectively, they'd have to define a little better what that architectural speed limit is and ensure that no hole exceeded that limit. Did they put holes in locations where the green was
  6. This whole concept seems nuanced, as I think about it. The chart says zero about the relative importance of short game vs. long game. It is strictly something like (and correct me if I'm wrong): "For those that get up and down well relative to the field, their play from off the green accounts for more of that advantage than the play on the green." Ok, fine. But that's all you can conclude from this. Presumably, a "perfect player" who hit every green would not gain any strokes in short game-- but that's just fine, because he's putting for birdie and not trying to scramble and "
  7. Welcome @Kirma! Great when long time readers become posters. You’ve probably seen this set of links but it’s always a good reference point to start a swing thread from:
  8. Welcome!! Hey 90-105 is bogey to double-bogey golf, not too “terrible”. But lots of stuff around here can help you move forward. Jump right in.
  9. This might help: You’ve made the big step of starting a swing thread, so this is worth a read. It’s tough to go methodically and we all have our moments where we just need to pound away balls at full speed. But I can attest to this thread as being helpful. As I see it though, this thread is yours to do as you see fit! Just wanted to point out some ideas maybe you haven’t seen before. See ya around!
  10. Sounds like a good start for the changes. Remember to take your time and solidify the new things. Go slow and use video to check yourself during a practice session. Practice in slow motion in a mirror. That kinda stuff pays off and gets it all feeling more natural when you go to the range. Good luck!
  11. @Jack Watson, speaking just for me, and keeping in mind I've been working with an instructor on steady improvement of all my bad habits I formed over the years when I built my own "natural" swing (which was garbage). I've done what I consider to be a good job of listening to what my instructor tells me, working on the pieces he recommends- and investigating parts to make sure I buy into the "why", mainly for my own understand, not because I distrust the advice, I'll say this: The movement of the hands from the top has been absolutely critical for me to get the club coming through more con
  12. It’s not every day you see a comparison between shanks and malaria. A tip of the hat for that one!
  13. But this logic doesn’t negate the question. I know many fine people for whom sports has played near zero impact. But the question is not if sports are the only way for children to learn life lessons.
  14. No driving range white noise? Or maybe New Yorkers "colorfully vocalize" too much about their wayward shots that it is no longer a soothing background?
  15. Pretty cool to just see the focus on the club. I don't know who that is, but geez- I see my last lesson from my instructor acted out by that club.
  16. I think you've covered everything, but I'll be interested to see if there are any tips from others. My guess is that you'll find different answers and different attitudes at every single course, and it's incumbent on you or your wife to simply ask politely- respecting their business (as you seem to). Sometimes you'll win, sometimes you'll lose. And I doubt there's any secret tip that'll improve your odds. My only advice is to encourage your wife to give it a chance. Pick the time that suits your life, not suits the better odds of being alone. In my experience at local muni's in the
  17. Congrats, you are now conscious of how incompetent you are at golf. You are already in the yellow zone, working your way up the pyramid. The rest of what I have to say applies to me, but from what I've read here on this site, applies to many others. I've enjoyed working up the pyramid piece by piece, using the principles in this thread: I use video, and don't even hit that many balls. Like @Marty2019 wrote above, you don't need a tripod- just a clip of some sort to host your phone. Each practice session is focused on something very specific, and for me, it is always
  18. The videos in this topic are right on this topic of steepness: This video in the tweet (the 3rd listed in that thread) is longer than the others, whereas the first two seem to promote a purchase, so I'll leave them off. As for me, I've made strides this year, but injury has slowed the progress. I think as I come out of the winter, I'll have an improved transition that promotes more shallowing. We shall see. This thread has been pretty helpful for me to review from time to time. Different feels to try and solidify it all- come at the same problem from different angles. Pl
  19. And gives ammunition to wedge whisperers everywhere to say "See, good drives aren't that important! Just look at the players who hit the most good drives!" Seriously, they ought to just dispose of stats that don't really work out to give us meaningful insights. But then again, it is somewhat insightful to see that hitting the fairway and/or giving yourself a good enough shot to get up near the green in regulation is NOT going to separate you from the field at the PGA level. This could be used as an argument AGAINST those that say that ya just gotta put it in play on the PGA Tour. Nope, y
  20. 30 birdies. But I'd consider the bogey-free tournament if you threw in a nicely cooked cheeseburger.
  21. https://www.pgatour.com/stats/stat.02438.2017.html. Below is a screenshot of 2017 leaders. Not exactly the "who's who" of 2017. These guys had over 85% of their drives classified as "good." The worst on tour had somewhere shy of 80%. When you compare that list to money leaders and to Strokes Gained/Tee to Green, you see very little similarity. See spoiler below for 2017. Why does this "Good Drive" statistic do so poorly in predicting overall success? Why doesn't it correlate much with Strokes Gained- Tee to Green? Those two lists in the spoiler above have pretty good
  22. Happy Birthday, @WUTiger ! Now go save the Tee Tower!
  23. Netflix original mini-series to do it justice as no 90-minute version could handle the golf scenes that I need to be there! In any case, it had better improve on this: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0153080/
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