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  1. Damn Doc..😯. A 30 year on and off relationship with a skank...err.. I mean shank.. Yeah, that can wear out some wood..err..I mean metal. Sorry to hear and wish there was an elixir.
  2. Woodland almost always has chew in his mouth AFAIK. I think that makes it difficult for him to smile wide open.
  3. Not a fan or an unfan of TM just for a sake of it. I don't have any in my bag but it is still quality equipment. Yes, some find a loud voice a turnoff, but plenty listen only to the loudest voice. TM chooses to be loud to appeal to the later it seems. The prior set is tough crowd to begin with and there is no pleasing them loud or quiet.
  4. Yeah, Koepka will have to somehow sustain his rage. Maybe, Chamblee needs to keep calling him 'weak'...😆.
  5. Congratulations to GW. Very very gutsy. Especially with BK breathing down his neck. I have to say that this time and day, in the post Tiger dominance era there is not a more impressive player than Koepka.
  6. Wow, somewhere Ernie Els is feeling his back suddenly lighten up.
  7. How do you know I'm not on the West coast this week?? 😋 But yeah, I think it's an advantage to go out in the afternoon. I'm not watching but basing on the scores so far, it must not be very windy.
  8. So I noticed the US Open starts at 2:09 pm today.. Anyone else excited?!
  9. Swing instruction can be compared to fixing a home..😋. It can range from a a minor paint job to rebuilding after running it over a bulldozer. Depends on YOUR 'house'. Good swing instructor is one who knows what your 'house' needs, combined with what you want and what you will spend in effort towards it. My swing is very unorthodox and I was provided with one singular priority 3 years ago without any major 'rearrangement'. That has brought me a long way. Glad I did and learnt a whole lot along the way without cluttering up my head. I understand the 'self taught' and the freedom and pride that goes along with it. But good instructors are so much more knowledgeable now and well versed in using technology in an optimized way. Not sure why it's such psychological thing for some but it's not like picking a college or a major or anything. I think it's a bit of disservice to yourself to not work with one. It's not that big a deal.
  10. "Could I ask for a third?" Precious. I love Sketchers but I am curious as to how long they will keep playing MK's add to sell more shoes.
  11. Royal New Kent in Providence, VA. It kicks ass every time I play there and I love it more each time. On windy days it's hard to get your bearings. Lots of blind tee and approach shots, forced carries, winding fairways with eclecticaly placed dunes and cavernous bunkers, of which some have steps to get in and out, big subtly undulating fast greens and ofcourse the rough survives on a steady diet of golf balls that you can't find. Oh, and I dare you to play the 'Invicta' tees. Loooong. Like I said... what's not to love.
  12. It read like a cocktail of disdain for the LPGA, at least soft racist stereotyping, fleeting hints of sexism and intellectually lazy, uninformed humor. Ha ha. Haney comes across as a master mixologist of the worst ingredients.. What a dumbass..😊
  13. My guess is lot of folks simply bend sideways towards the target in an effort to keep weight forward instead of rotating in the backswing. And then reverse the bend in the downswing, causing them to come crashing down on the ball with a steep angle. Yes, minding first two keys(5S) with a good pivot solves 99 percent of my ills.
  14. @chspeed, what kind of ball flight are you getting? BTW, good turn rates above. Not much goat humping.
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