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  1. I'll know I'm dead and in heaven...😇 I would too and I'm not half as good..
  2. It started out as a fun afternoon at chance to smash balls at range...who wouldn't enjoy that? Must have made contact 5 times out of a full bucket and blisters on the hand to show for. But that one good hit changed everything. It was instant addiction. 15 years later, it has become what can only be best described by the faithful as blind religion. The camaraderie in misery, the grind with distant sprinkles of pure joy, the competition, the science, the art, the travel, the release, where do I stop.........? Few things in life offer a feeling of greater accomplishment than a flushed 8 iron. Oh, the parks don't seem to be too bad either..
  3. @mvmac you said your deceleration side I'd faster than your dominant side, another reason you hit it straight. Care to explain this?
  4. I think SIM is supposed to reduce gear effect via twist face and the sole has a race car type angled spoiler to reduce drag. Welp, at least the website says so. Is it better. Probably. Is it $70 worth better? IDK, but I am curious as hell. Did you take it for a spin? Let us know if/when you do.
  5. Yes, most of have experienced regression with and/or without lessons. In that sense we can all co-miserate. If you really want a more informed opinion on your swing/swing changes, best to start a swing thread.
  6. Squaring up a block is one thing but moving? Bit grey. Lol. Sorry @boogielicious don't mean to hijack your thread..😊
  7. I can easily out-OCD you on this times 3. Hell, sometimes it takes me 30-35 secs just get my visual cues sorted before I can pull the trigger. I am sure you know this but I think its a peripheral vision thing. I find a point from the corner of my left eye towards the target, may be the target itself to establish a larger 'anchor' to supercede close range mis-alignment. I have hit shots 40 degs to right when I loose my distant visual 'anchor'. I try to maintain it throughout the swing. I said 'try' a few times here.. lol.
  8. Ideally, club shaft should point outside left pocket at impact. It moves 'around' the belt buckle through impact area. @finitesoup It is a VERY different feel. Use a shaft extension with a alignment stick like below to ensure club butt doesn't point 'inside' your left pocket. Not a bad drill at all.
  9. I see the chart and usually I am not one to challenge something published by a company of Ping's caliber, but 18, or even 15 yards average seems a lot. They're not saying upper end of range, which would be somewhat palatable. This means there are plenty that curve 25+yards AND put it out there 250 plus. Maybe on open linksy courses that might be be fine but on tight tree lined courses? IDK... Of course, this is purely conjecture in my part.
  10. 18 yards curve in an average??? Wow, I need to have my mental camera caliberated. Because we don't push club from behind. We move it from the side. Easier to push draw or pull fade since leverage is asymmetric. Same for face. Unlike other 'tools' like baseball bat, shaft does not pass through center of club mass. Most good players adopt the natural asymmetry instead of fighting it. I think it is harder to overcome and play a consistent 0+0 in that sense. Yes.
  11. Makes sense. I rarely see a sub 5 hcp player curve more than 3-4 yards. No coincidence that hitting 0 path + 0 face consistently is also the hardest shot in golf. For me rope straight shots are as Ben Hogan said once, 'merely an accident'.
  12. Lower hands at address. Trying to umbrella up shaft at A3 as much as I can but still a bit up and out at A4. Contact feels solid though. @iacas Higher hands at A4? P.S. Skip to 0:32 to see movement.
  13. Tee up the ball for all shots. No fun topping the ball five times in a row, assuming that he would as most rank beginners do. I do it for my 11 y/o. He has been playing on and off since he was 6.
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