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  1. I will be brief, since others have weighed in and I echo the vast majority of what they've said (plus I love bullet points). Naga-Waukee War Memorial - 6 A fun course, architecturally interesting Several nice views Walkable Passes the "I'd play here often" test Club at Lac La Belle - 6.5 Great Parkland golf. I think the score suffered a little because all the other courses were so unique, but if this place were near my house it'd be one of the better courses available to play publicly. Walkable Firm, well-maintained greens with interesting c
  2. Can confirm this one! We do a lot of testing of our architectural renderings against what “feels real” to people, and 30-35mm field of view is consistently the closest. And this is where the human eye CRUSHES any camera ever made.
  3. Nah, you’re the over-sensitive one. A professional team changed its name to have a broader, more universal appeal. Cool. It’s their decision to make. People like you get butt-hurt about it and think it’s some culture war or something. Stop being so sensitive.
  4. I agree 100%! Every time a team chooses to change its name to have a broader appeal, oversensitive people (like yourself) seem to judge them for it and think they're over-reacting. See the article I linked to above. It refers to a set of historic Art Deco statues long associated with Cleveland.
  5. This fan-made one (by Tim Schifle) is awesome:
  6. Hahaha - how do you REALLY feel? 😉
  7. I was happy to pick up a few birdies (5 total, not counting the Sandbox) out in Wisconsin this week, but all were duplicates.
  8. After 4 years or so using Game Golf, I played my first few rounds without it this week (in Wisconsin). If they could figure out a way to iron out the issues they’re having with software, and create a unit (preferably smaller) that doesn’t require the phone for tagging (and that truly WORKS that way), I might go back. I definitely miss being able to review my rounds and the distances I hit. At the same time, I enjoyed playing a different way, and I like the app I use for hole-by-hole scoring (The Grint). I’ve also purchased a rangefinder, so I can play without GPS. I might invest i
  9. They did say they will change after the 2021 season. Regarding apparel, even after they “retired” Chief Wahoo from their uniforms, they were still selling merchandise with that character on it. I’m sure that stuff will sell well to the over-sensitive, nostalgic fans who are infuriated by the change! Good article on why they chose the name: https://www.si.com/mlb/2021/07/23/cleveland-guardians-name-change-decision-explained
  10. What is “silliness”? I thought it was a mediocre name at first, but once I read the “history” behind it I thought it was really good. I have a feeling that any new name would sound a little dumb at first, until you get used to it…and I think this one will grow on people. Teams have changed their names all the time throughout their history (including the Guardians). Not a big deal.
  11. Had a nice birdie on #13 at Mammoth Dunes yesterday…added to the away course composite.
  12. I actually was going to do this...but it's $8.95 for shipping. I'll just wait. 🙂
  13. Very interesting. I will only wear zero-drop shoes...I love my OG's, and I love the OG Feel...would be amazing if they can really do an OG with truly waterproof knit.
  14. I have a hole-in-one from 165 yards, so that has to be my best shot ever. I've also definitely whiffed completely on a shot, so that has to be the worst shot ever.
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