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  1. This is why you should get some personalized evaluation and instruction. A pretty easy way to do that is to post video of your swing in the My Video portion of this site. Read the instructions, especially the part about taking good video.
  2. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned it but there are some pretty good videos on this very website, check this for a summary:
  3. First, what @iacas says, learn Aimpoint. Second, 4.3a(1) says this about using "equipment" So if there IS an app, its not legal under the rules.
  4. There has been a review process. The new rules have been under development and review for 7 years. The PGA Tour had a substantial role in developing the rules.. The driver rule, and the ball being moved rule, are unchanged from the previous version. Human common sense says "Don't do anything that will move your ball, that's been a penalty for as long as you've been alive." In my opinion, the only one looking like a buffoon is Simpson. He should learn the rules before he starts suggesting how to change them.
  5. I might look at it a bit differently. If a pro is on the tee for a 410 yard hole, he'll average 4.00 strokes to hole out. That takes into account his good swings and bad, fairway or rough, all in one number. Add stroke and distance, he'd be expected to take a total of 6.00 after striping one OB. But if his tee shot was offline, and his E-5 drop leaves him 190 yards in the fairway and lying 3, he's going to take 3.1 more to hole out, or 6.1 total. He's lost 0.1 by using the local rule. My guess is that you'll find the difference in scoring for any yardage interval is actually greater for higher handicaps than for good players. We get much worse much more quickly as we get further from the hole.
  6. But the opposite applies at times for better players. Better players are pretty likely (not guaranteed) to follow a bad shot with a good one, leaving them in better position lying 3 than if they use the Local Rule. And as @billchao says, it will have a pretty small impact on scoring for handicap posting, which will generally be controlled by ESC (or the maximum hole score in other handicap systems). Most of my play is in some type of match play format, and a lost or OB usually means a lost hole. If I've probably lost a hole, I'd rather hit a provisional as a bit of legal practice, as opposed to ending up on the next tee with that OB shot as my most recent drive.
  7. Rule 9-3.c in the USGA Handicap Manual covers this. The most important excerpt: But in summary, you're doing it right as regards the Blue and White tee players, but the Red tee player should be adjusted downward in the same manner. If there is no slope or CR for the Red tees for men, you can estimate them based on the difference in yardage from the closest tees rated for men, with the Table in 5-2.g Handicap strokes should be allocated based on the Handicap Rating for the tees each player is using.
  8. That graphic is a great summary of the new Model Local Rule. For @Buckeyebowman, you can read it in more detail in the Rules in Section 8 of Committee Procedures, Local Rule E-5
  9. You said "really really" sideways. I said poorly, which covers a whole lot more situations. For me, a poor shot goes shorter than a well-struck straight shot. I hit a pretty fair proportion of well-struck straight shots, so MY best play in most situations is to play a provisional, and expect a good one. In my opinion, the results will vary with the player, and with the individual situations. I don't think there's a blanket "most every time" generalization that can be made. Your friend is wrong, the rules are meant to govern all of us, not just the pros. I agree, the lost ball rule is particularly strict, especially when the leaves are on the ground. On the other hand, the Rules of Golf offer the following model local rule for your club to enact for just this situation If your ball is known or virtually certain to be lost within the Ground Under Repair, you can take free relief. Check out 16.1.e for more information.
  10. I don't think this is absolutely true. Sure, if you hit a ball solid, and it doesn't hit trees or anything else, you're generally right. But if you've mishit the ball even a little bit, its LIKELY to be well short of your normal distance, so your drop (in the wide relief area which includes a bit of fairway) has to be well short of your normal distance. I'd generally prefer a provisional whenever I think a ball might be lost, because I expect to hit my provisional solid. Solid means I hit it past where my mis-hit original would be, closer to the hole.
  11. The 10* that @Augster mentioned means that the straight portion of the shaft cannot extend straight up when viewed from the hole, it must be inclined towards the player. You can see this on pages 22 and following in the Equipment Rules: . http://www.usga.org/content/dam/usga/pdf/Equipment/Equipment Rules Final.pdf Essentially, the club cannot be designed to allow it to be used with the shaft vertical.
  12. What we really need are Prawn Cocktail Flavoured crisps: Walkers Prawn Cocktail Crisps | Walkers UK Discover the nation’s favourite and mouth-watering Walkers crisps. Get a pack of the deliciously crunchy Prawn Cocktail flavour.
  13. Check 10.1.c for the requirement that you cannot stand with one foot on either side of the line of play, or with a foot touching the line of play. As for your old croquet-style putter, it might not be legal under the equipment rules. I believe that Bryson had a home-made putter disqualified because it was too upright, much like a croquet-style putter is. The shaft has to be at least 10* from vertical.
  14. Enniscrone is very interesting, great tall dunes. We stayed across the bay at the Waterfront House, had a view of the dunes from our window. Carne was great as well, and both courses are very reasonably priced, and very welcoming.
  15. Are Cheetos even chips? They're some kind of puffed thing with flavor added, they're last on my list (altho I do like one occasionally). I prefer potato chips to corn chips, so Lay's is my first choice. And for some reason I prefer Fritos to Doritos, so those are 2 and 3 for me. And I haven't found any flavored chips, like BBQ or cool ranch, that I like. Its not like I think that Fritos or Doritos don't have artificial flavors, but I prefer the standard versions of those to the "flavored" versions.
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