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  1. I think that they will both get it done. I think McIlroy will get it done first. Although i wouldn't be suprised either way. McIlroy has shown that he can play Augusta well, and the PGA has the toughest field.
  2. I'm kind of trying to wrap my head around this whole thing still.....sooooo.....are people mad because the lpga is limiting the ability to see more skin of young ladies playing golf because they only watch to stare at the girls bodies.....are people mad because a company is enforcing a dress code just like thousands of other companies due in all different fields of work.... I guess i just don't quite understand it.
  3. "Length of skirt, skort, and shorts MUST be long enough to not see your bottom area (even if covered by under shorts) at any time, standing or bent over." This one stood out to me. I quick google photo search showed plenty of outfits that probably wouldn't fit under this. I guess i haven't paid super close attention. Some of those skorts are super, super short.
  4. i voted neither also. just like others have said too much talent for anyone to be a dominate #1. i kinda lean towards speith as finishing with the best resume. he is great in all aspects of his game except driving. but he is good enough there and his iron play is really good. he hits a ton of greens...add in being a fair amount younger...
  5. I bought a push cart two years ago...thought they were cheesy till i played with a guy who had one. dang near like having a caddy, he was always fresh, stored everything and easy to push. I bought one the next day and retired my shoulders. They were happy lol. I went to a 19 hybrid bout 4yrs ago. After hitting one on the range finally instead of 3 iron. Just dumb not too.
  6. the article is typical fluff with no real value. In the past i haven't taken any aimpoint classes because none ever near me. I do see now that there is a level 1 instructor not too far away. I can't find any info on what the different levels of instructors means. I would be down if i got the opportunity somewhere reasonably close. I'm sure it would help me.
  7. I thought it was a pretty good tournament personally. It was nice watching a new course. I thought it looked good on tv. It seemed to be plenty tough enough for most of the players out there especially when the wind did blow. I don't really care all that much about the big names not being on the leaderboard. Play better. Hit those huge fairways. It looked like some good golf got played. I'm weird though. I enjoyed chambers bay also.
  8. matsuyama looks like he might post -12.....that will make it interesting as the pressure mounts behind him
  9. Koepka is looking good so far....When your in the lead, and your hitting every GIR in tough conditions you gotta feel good at the moment.
  10. what does everybody think. Is it a 3 horse race right now??? Matsuyama is trying to charge but he is 5 back. Fleetwood seems to be going the wrong way. There are some good guys at -7, but they are gonna have to terrorize the back nine and hope the leaders come back a bit.
  11. I have to admit im pulling for fowler....I would be fine with koepka winning also. He is only 3 shots back and his hanging in there....There is still a ways to go. but harman and koepka are looking solid so far. Having said that...its only 3 shots....the wind is nasty out there. alot can still happen only 1 or two mistakes and those 3 shots will disappear...
  12. It looks like alot of fun to me too...From up tee's obviously but to me it comes off as really nice visually.
  13. Yep, looks that way lol... Koepka is putting together a really good round also.
  14. Rahm may need to put the big dog away for the day.....he is missing fairways by a mile.....And rickie is not as sharp today. Be interesting to see how rickie manages his game when he is not quite hitting it as solid as yesterday.
  15. matsuyama is looking good early getting into red figures.
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