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  1. Good, I found a great deal on a 65 gram hickory shaft.
  2. I sole every club in the bag including putter. People who don't make me nervous. It is hard to watch. They will often hood the club too. I think it would be hard to ground the club at address with a super closed face.
  3. Why wouldn't you look at putting the REAX 65 in? I am no shaft expert, but I think that there is a lot more to a shaft than the weight. I would be concerned about putting any old 65 gram shaft on that head. Looks like the shaft you have in there is a senior flex or one step up from "Ladies".
  4. yes, he swings like a BEAST.
  5. When I started out I was given a starter set of irons 3, 5, 7 and 9. Maybe you could go with the 4, 6, and PW to supplement you 8i. Lots of women's sets are half sets like that.
  6. I once had a set of Ping G5s 3i through PW. I also had a Cleveland 56* sand wedge. I was playing really well and really knew my distances for my clubs. A couple years later I noticed that I really needed a gap wedge for 100 yard shots. One day I found a Ping i3 UW in a used bin at the golf big box retail store. Well it went 100 yards, but it had a bad habit of consistently landing 15 yards or right of my target. I ended up compensating for this, but it was sure frustrating if I forgot to compensate. I would be concerned about loft, offset, weighting which could affect flight between different brands. I haven't looked in a few years, but there seemed to be so much stuff on eBay from good manufacturers. Full sets of irons less than $200? When I go from my Ping e1 5i to my G30 3h, I have to be conscious if the offset and the draw bias on the hybrid. I think that playing irons from a set is important.
  7. Very high or very low handicap? I thought the i210s were more of a player's iron as opposed to a game improvement iron. A Ping G series would be recommended for a high handicapper.
  8. I play the same type of set up. I have a gap between my 5i and 4h as the hybrids seem to travel farther than an iron with the same designation. Many claim that the hybrid can have the tendency to hook and I have found this to be the case. My G30 hybrids seem to have a slightly closed face which I think helps a higher handicap, which they are probably geared for. My irons are more of a players iron and does not have a big offset. I kind of mentally have to make an adjustment so as not to end up with a closed face when hitting the hybrid. They are great when you have a questionable lie. I might use a 4h even when I might have a 6i or 7i distance, but a bad lie. I just take a little off of the swing and it often will end up a decent shot out of rough or a wet spot.
  9. I quit for about a year. That was maybe 8 years ago.
  10. LOL, I just moved from central Ohio to 15 miles south of Buffalo, NY. Went from a 7 month golf season to a 6 month season. Trying to come up with a nice indoor practice area in the basement.
  11. I might get one of these. I have been looking for this, but did not know who made them. Thanks. Did you get the black or green version? PS, I got you book and tried the assessment. I had some trouble finding a long enough surface on the practice area at my old home course. Just moved so maybe I can get the space I need at the new club.
  12. I think the converse of that question is more interesting.
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