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  1. I've been told getting the vaccine will help prevent you from passing the virus to others. I would think that if you don't think the virus will affect you, you'd be MORE likely to get the vaccine. You know, so that you don't pass it on to others who will be affected. Being as you won't even know that you have it.... because it doesn't affect you.
  2. I can see your concern. I agree at the top of the board it's probably unlikely. Prop bets are also limited in how much money can be wagered just to prevent this sort of thing. At the bottom or near the bottom of the board will still be challenging. The players nearer the cut line tee off first, there are a lot of moving parts to consider in order to convincingly point shave in golf. I'm not saying it can't be done, but the mathematics of it will be challenging. I was making prop bets on line ten years ago. But the difference is now the "live" betting aspect. I really
  3. I've heard of many golf books called "The Green Book", "The Little Green Book" and several similar volumes. But none of the ones I've heard of were authored by a female. There is a book by Harvey Pennick called "The Little BLUE Book" which is a book he wrote about Women's Golf.
  4. Regripping your clubs yourself isn't that difficult.
  5. That's cool! So, with our limited data set, looks like cross-handed lefties can either play the cut or the draw. Speaking of "Cack-handed"....
  6. On my birthday I played 18 holes. I pretty much try to play every year on my birthday. Anyway, my neighbor and I had the first tee time off in the morning. But he got call out of town on a family emergency. So, I showed up at the course alone. I figured they'd pair me up. And they did. The guy in the clubhouse said there's another single on the putting green and I'd like you two to pair up. Turns out the single was a female. I'm guessing like 18-22 years old or so. She was clearly of Asian decent, but did not have even a trace of an accent. She's obviously a good golfer. Turns out she play
  7. The last time I played I got paired up with a group. All of us wore golf gloves on our left hands as we were introducing ourselves, getting ready to tee off, etc... Okay, so we all tee off and one of the guys tees off left handde. I didn't think much of it. Obviously, I've seen left handed golfers before. But something looked weird in his set up. I couldn't quite place it. By the third hole I figured it out. He was playing cack-handed. The guy was having a rough day to say the least. He was in a pretty bad mood. He damned near snap-hooked every tee shot. Many of his iron shots were prett
  8. I guess when I wrote this would you rather I didn't realize how actually depressing either option would be. I was just thinking and wondering if my best golf was in front of me or behind me? It's the kinda shit you wonder about when you are a man of a certain age. Anyhow, I thought it was a tough question. Because I do truly feel like I'm getting better at golf. I also feel like going forward I'm going to play a lot more golf. Having written that, I no longer get to play with my dad and those are some memories I really cherish. I've had two holes in one, but to be honest those aren't in m
  9. Easy one, I'll take the W for Michigan. I've lived in several states in my life. So, I have no loyalty to any team.
  10. I'm just guessing here, but I bet you were not out there on a tour of the public grammar schools.
  11. Careful what you wish for....
  12. Would you rather #38 Lose all of the memories you have of playing golf OR Keep all the memories of golf you have right now, but never be able to create any new golf memories?
  13. I'm sure my kids will protest if I turn their swings into a golf training aid. You should have seen how mad they got when I started working on bunker shots out of their sandbox!
  14. Since I was pretty unhappy about the weather I woke up to this morning. I made myself a bit of a special breakfast. Spicy sausage omelet with spicy quesso, and some salsa on top. Very yummy. It cheered me up a bit. Then I saw more snow started to fall and cried a little.
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