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  1. Thought so I'll keep working on it.
  2. Crap, I do that all the time. What am I supposed to call them? I assume broads, chicks, dames, or skirts isn't any good. Back on topic. I swear a lot. Oddly, not on the golf course. I also try not to swear in front of my (or anyone else's) kids. But I'm not perfect there by any stretch and have dropped an F-bomb or said shit once or twice in front of some kids in my day. However, I don't think I'm being hypocritical by saying I'd like to see them use a 10 second delay and drop out the F-bombs. Again, I'm not offended by it. I do think that other people will be or are offended and I think golf (or the PGA or the network or whatever) can respect that and drop out the F-bombs. I don't think the F-bombs actually add anything to the broadcast. Drop 'em out and lets all get along.
  3. I'm hitting a ton of pulls. When I hit full shots which isn't that often. Mostly I'm just doing those half swings. I have 2 questions: 1 - My LEFT forearm is starting to hurt all the time. I would think the new grip would make might RIGHT forearm hurt, but it doesn't. I guess that's a statement not a question. But it leads to my next question. 2 - How's my grip. I ask because when I look at picks of myself the down the line looks pretty similar to what I've been seeing for a long time. But my Caddie view looks like there's tremendous tilt in my shoulders. I assume that's because with my new grip and my trail hand being more "under the club" it pulls the right shoulder down at set up. Does my grip look okay? Then how about the rest of my set up? My right shoulder feels like its super low.
  4. I'm confused. Are you saying you are a fan of profanity? Or are you just saying you're a fan of television airing an unedited broadcast?
  5. Clearly, Trey. You need to pee in a cup. Are you also getting unexplained acne? Is your hat size increasing? Are you suffering from sudden hair loss? .....
  6. I'm going to say it isn't a problem in and of itself. For example, I don't think they need to go to Justin, or whomever, and ask them to stop swearing. Having, typed that, I wouldn't mind at all if the broadcast had a person with the button to "drop" the curse word. Not "Beep" it mind you. I've always thought "beeping" it makes it worse. It seems to draw attention to it. I prefer when they "drop" it. They just put in a little natural background noise in place of it. For me, I'd prefer that. But, again, I wouldn't say it's a "problem" if they do nothing about it.
  7. Hey, I resemble that remark. Ouch, you are hitting close to home now.
  8. I can't speak for @FlyingAce, But I can tell you that I've never had it happen to me. Not even once has anyone walked up to me and offered me unsolicited swing advice at the practice range. I do have some friends there who will walk up to me and talk some shit so to speak. My wife, however, has it happen to her pretty close to every time she's at the range. For what ever reason, if certain men see a woman working on her golf game they feel the need to go up and give them swing tips. I personally don't give anyone swing tips. But its so strange, my wife and I have been together at the range time and time again and some guy will walk up to her out of the blue and say something like "you should try to keep your left arm straighter on your take away." ... or something to that affect. My wife is always very polite and says something like "Right now I'm just working on some things my swing coach gave me to work on..." Usually that's that. Sometimes the guy will be really persistent. "Well, I can tell you as soon as I started keeping my left arm straight on my takeaway I added 20 yards to my drives." At that point my wife will say something like "I know you're trying to help, but right now you're messing me up. Can you please leave me alone."
  9. There are not a lot of things that I'm sure of with regard to golf. The one thing I AM sure of is the Cobra F7 hybrid is the best Hybrid that Cobra has ever produced. Better than the Speedzone, better than the F9 hybrid, WAY WAY WAY better than the F8 (The F8 was a giant step backward for Cobra Hybrids). That said, the Speedzone and the F9 are fine hybrids. But the f7 was simply better. Better shaft options and it was the last hybrid Cobra produced with the "My-Fly" technology. Additionally, it was not "Snap-hooky" like some many hybrids of a few years ago were. The baffler technology was at its peak with the F7 as well. You don't have to take my word for it. Go out and try to buy a used Cobra F7 Hybrid... Holy cow, there aren't any available, There are plenty of F6 hybrids (even some non-used ones), There are tons of used F8 hybrids (Again, big step backward IMO). There are F9's and even used Speedzone hybrids already available. Good luck finding an F7 (unless you are a lefty). Those of us who have F7 hybrids are not selling them. You can pry mine from my cold dead hands.
  10. Happy Birthday, Christian! Hope its a good one. 

    Good meeting you weekend before last. 



      Thank you, sir!

      Was great meeting you, too!  Hopefully we can meet up again sometime soon! 

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