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  1. Day 2 may not have gone so well. I hit the garage door opener and think I broke it. Oops!
  2. Yes, this is all very helpful. I won’t bore you with more video yet. I want to get to a point where I feel like I am getting it better and then check back in. I’ve been combining day 1 Covid with slow backswings to the top and then an 80% swing and checking my progress on video today. I’m going to stick with that for a few days and then check back.
  3. Day 2: Today I am going back and doing Day 1 of the Covid Challenge and then I will redo my practice from yesterday. I need to fix my takeaway before I can fix my OTT. baby steps to long term improvement.
  4. Yeah. You are correct. I’m going to focus on day 1 of Covid challenge today. I have to fix things incrementally. Thanks!!’
  5. Lol. I felt like that had improved. I’ll keep working on it though.
  6. I’m really trying to focus my practice on getting rid of that OTT and keeping my head from darting down towards the ball on the downswing. I have no idea if I am wasting my time with this approach (hoping for feedback) but I think I’m on the right track. I’m doing 3 slow swings and then 1 full one. It feels improved (although this video had some of my worst hits of the day) but I am still repeating my mistakes on the actual swing. Still, it feels improved. (I also see that I have a tendency to get lazy and rush the slow swings and not really get in the proper position. I need to fix that) I still only have DTL in the garage but I feel good that I have it lined up fairly well.
  7. I’ve been basically working on my game every day since I’m working from home during Covid and can work on things while listening to calls and stuff so I’m not sure why I haven’t been doing this. Day 1: my primary focus is eliminating OTT and being more balanced, steady head (see my swing thread for recent video). i am keeping it simple and rotating between 3 slow mapping swings and one full swing with a foam ball. I am using my 4 iron since I am struggling with my longer clubs. I hope it’s OK to use the same practice over and over because I’m really trying to focus on one thing until I’m ready to move on to the next area of focus. It’s pointless for me to work on other things until I finally get this down.
  8. I played today with a bunch of college buddies. My short irons and wedges were dialed in but I really struggled with the long clubs. Lots of topping the ball and very low drives. My buddy sent me this random video he took (the lines are all off) and I liked a lot of what I saw. This one I struck well but hit a bit of a push fade on a dogleg left which made the hole longer than it need be but it was in play. Although the lines are off I noticed that my head is coming way up on the downswing leading me to think that I'm not getting enough secondary axis tilt (it feels like I am) and likely the reason I was topping a lot of my longer clubs. Am I thinking about this properly? I feel like the work I've been doing has been paying off but I may need to focus on this aspect more. The video is far away but you can see the head rise pretty clearly. Zoom in if you can't.
  9. I just picked up lowest score wins. Loving it!
  10. I also finally bought the book. Great stuff.
  11. Yes. That was great stuff and where I've been staying. As tempted as I was to do all 30 days (I viewed it all) I am trying to focus on the drills that effect my primary piece.
  12. Thanks. I'll dig into this and try to apply it.
  13. Thanks. Are you referring to the initial takeaway of the club or my overall shoulder angle of rotation. I want to make sure I'm zeroing in on the proper piece. I suspect you are referring to the initial (poor one piece takeaway)
  14. I rigged a setup in the garage (hitting a foam ball) to try to get the lines right. My primary focus right now is trying to get my swing more on plane. Key pieces are head not going down and trying to get to key 2 properly. My driver struggles are well documented but much improved. My main struggle right now is low ball flight so I went back and watched some of the 5SK videos and am working on the drills for key 2 that talk about how to fix that. I do a few slow mapping swings and then three strikes. The first is horrible and one of the misses I'm prone to making. I thought the next two were better but still need work. I'm only showing DTL since I can't get a good FV in the garage. Edit: for the observant ones out there, yes I've lost 60 pounds. I should mention that I've lost a ton of distance and I'm not sure if that is the reason or just failing mechanics.
  15. Hey guys, it's been a while. I had made steady improvement and kind of checked out a bit as life got in the way. After getting down to an 18 I'm now at a 20 and going backwards. I'm back to working on my original issues and rereading this thread has been helpful. I'll try to post some video even though I still don't have the perfect equipment to film. (I really need to do this)
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