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  1. Yes that goes without saying but I fail to see how that's relevant. I was responding to the fact that a previous poster called using a single club for the short game was stupid. My point to him was that he must think a respected short game instructor must therefore be stupid. As for your reply I dont see the point. I never recommended that using multiple clubs was "bad". There are many ways to get the ball in the hole and to single out a specific methodology or technique as being stupid is well stupid in of itself. And if you just shorten or lengthen the same motion with one club it
  2. So I guess you think Stan Utley must be stupid for recommending to the average amateur golfer a single club for the short game. You may have all the time in the world to work on chips and pitches across all the clubs in your bag but my play/practice time is limited so I choose to play/practice with my 60* for most shots within 80 yards with sand shots being an exception depending on if I want to use my 56* with more bounce.
  3. I wish the Golf Channel would do a "Big Break: Where are they now?" show for all of the contestants across the different seasons to see who's still trying to make it professionally, who has made it professionally, who's given up, and who's flipping burgers and delivery pizzas. Would be great to watch.
  4. The source of people's animosity towards JD is that they are jealous of his talents and abilities? Or that he pissed away that talent and ability? Whatever. The source of people's animosity towards JD is the fact that he behaves like a buffoon on and off the course. Maybe this article will provide some perspective on what an embarrassment and a train wreck JD is...... http://nbcsports.msnbc.com/id/35671943/ns/sports-golf/ Also take a read of the one first hand reader comment to this other article: http://www.linkslifegolf.com/2009/01...he-common-man/ As you can see a picture of JD emerge
  5. I think most Tiger fans will agree with me on this............I respect the player (playing ability) not the man.
  6. I will knock out Gmac......... +1 Tiger Woods -2 Graeme McDowell Tiger Woods (11)
  7. +1 Tiger Woods -2 Steve Stricker Tiger Woods(9) Steve Stricker(5) Jim Furyk(5) Graeme McDowell(7) Dustin Johnson(8)
  8. What's the big deal, fellow tour players voted for Rickie over Rory. So long as the "rules" call for subjective peer voting with no quantifiable criteria other than the pga tour definition of "rookie" than this just basically becomes a "popularity" contest to some extent. Unfortunately for Rory, more players felt Rickie deserved the Rookie of the Year honors. There is no right or wrong here. It was a purely subjective vote based on fellow players' opinions.
  9. $30? Wow, pricey. I use a pocket notebook on the course as well to track certain stats that i then put into my golfshot iphone app later on. I just walked into a staples and found a notebook that fit into my pocket and that was that. Cost a couple of dollars. Not sure if I would dish out $30 for a fancy one like that when it's not necessary.
  10. Throwing my .02 cents in here but since the rookie of the year honor is basically a vote by fellow players on the pga tour, then it really comes down to a popularity contest. In the absence of any quantitative method for selecting the rookie of the year, it is just very much subjective and that is that. Nothing wrong was done, it is just the way the system is setup. I don't know what the % of Americans vs non americans on the PGA Tour is but I assume the majority is American, however I would also like to believe that this played no factor in the the voting to the extent that the majority Amer
  11. Jeff, I just took you up on your BOGO free offer and am looking forward to trying them out on the range!!! Eric
  12. Sounds like you're saying that to you, the pros hitting a ball sounds like they are "topping" the ball or hitting it thin? Makes no sense to me. I've been to a few pga tournaments and watched pros hit at the range, and that is not the sound I hear. I can hear the ball being compressed, a kind of thumping noise and i can hear the ball "whizzing" if you stand close enough. This is also true on the course when i'm playing, a well struck shot is distinguishable from a topped shot. A topped shot, has more of a "dead" sound to me, and usually no "whiz".
  13. ERdiesel

    Swing speed

    Question and a bit off topic, but when you got fitted with a 104 ss with the driver, did they put you in stiff or x-stiff? Thanks.
  14. I play it to 185 yards, +/- 5 yards Hopefully as my swing and ball striking improves, this will be my 195 yard club.
  15. I assume it could be due to less loft, same reason why a less lofted club tends to carry the ball further than a more lofted club.
  16. He hits a 6 iron 260 yards? He even tees off with a putter and hits the ball 300 yards!!! Crazy. http://blogs.golf.com/presstent/2010...ip-finals.html
  17. At chelsea piers and another local range in the nyc area, i hit my pw just a little past the 100 yard pin, however, on the course my pw is my 125 yard club, so i would say the distance loss for me with range balls is pretty significant
  18. Great thread guys!!! I played in 50 temps with significant wind (so wind chill prob put us well below 50) a few weeks back and i remember not feeling the ball "compress" once during the whole round. I never got that sweet feeling of compression off the club face. And i was constantly short on all my approach shots and i just chalked it up to a crappy round. I did notice also, a greater tendency to top the ball, and i'm thinking it was stiffer mucles or something that was causing me to pull up or something on the swing. in either case, it was a terrible round.
  19. Growing up korean here in the states, I'm not sure how you can make such a statement. More like a lot of korean kids are pushed to study their asses off to go to an ivy league school, then law/medical school and make a lot of money. Koreans aren't stupid, the vast majority of potential golfers DO NOT have a legitimate chance to make it on the tour. You make it sound it's as simple as paying your dues and putting in the time, and bam, you're an Anthony Kim. That is not the case. A small % of golfers will make, it, the vast majority will not. I didn't meet any korean kids while growing up
  20. the match was very fun to watch. I loved the "casual" feel to the match. I especially enjoyed how they ditched the rules at the end and instead of replaying the final hole, the players basically decided to do a chip off and also included Tiger in the chip off even though he did not tie that final hole with everyone else.
  21. Last week, I drove my ball into the right rough and literally right after i hit my second shot and began walking away, a ball hit from someone in another fairway landed hard, right in the spot I was standing just a few seconds earlier. My playing partner and I looked at each other, and the only thing on my mind is, wow............i really lucked out.
  22. 5 capper suffering from the shanks!!! crap, what hope is there for me? I have such a long way to go before "shanks" can be eliminated from not just my memory but from my vocabulary as well!!!
  23. Would be worthless for most people without some basic commentary/analysis included since they wouldn't know what they were looking at or looking for so far as self analysis of a swing video is concerned. And the people would most likely know that and not pay for it.
  24. Yes, correct. I was watching that final bunker shot and I thought it came out pretty hot with some good speed and I was like ohhh no, it's going to go a bit past the hole!!! Then it just checked up. Furyk is a stand up guy by all accounts, and was great to see him grind it out to take it all.
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