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  1. I played a round recently with someone who claimed to be a low single capper and who also played with a set of Miura blades, and well I can honestly say that the Miuras were not some magical, mythical, amazing clubs that left me wowed. The guy played like crap despite playing with Miuras (who knows if he was really a low single capper, I thought he was more like a 12 or so capper), so what is the point that i'm trying to make? The point is, there is not "greatest of all" set of clubs. The Miuras obviously didn't elevate this guy's game.......sure he could have had a bad day, but he could have
  2. Vanity article that seeks to portray the course as extremely difficult yet not at his own expense. Lame.
  3. Me thinks playing in a tournament as an amateur where your livelihood didn't depend on how well you did versus playing in the same tournament as a pro where your future and livelihood depending on how well you did will result in two different outcomes. I believe that part of why he played so well as an amateur is there is lowered expectations and you can just go out and play. Playing as a pro, expectations are higher, and if you don't play well you don't get paid well and if you don't get paid well, you don't get your tour card or keep it. This difference in psychology is a factor not to be
  4. Just because HH says something is so, does not make it so. Especially when the guy is still trying to cash in on his former relationship with Tiger.
  5. If you've regripped with what you would normally play with and that hasn't alleviated the problem, I would also get the SW's checked. Since you bought them off CL, the previous owner might have gotten them SW'ed heavier, much heavier than you might be used to playing with and that could lead to quicker fatigue, even in the hands.
  6. "Mental issues" on the course is for all golfers regardless of handicap level. Yes, and even the tour pros.
  7. Nick Kokonas, While I eagerly await for my pre-order to get shipped out to me, I went ahead and downloaded the just released iphone Swingbyte app last night and have a few comments, actually more like areas of improvement particularly around the setup golfer/clubs process. I would appreciate it if you could pass these suggestions onto the developers: 1) Wrist to ground does not have half inch intervals, only full inch intervals. For example, if i'm a 34.5" wrist to floor, i'm only able to select 34 or 35 in your user setup screen. In a real world fittings, wrist to floor is d
  8. ERdiesel

    TPC Sawgrass

    I was watching the replay of the final round of the 2000 Players Championship last night and the 17th hole was playing to 145 or so with Tiger hitting a PW (slightly short of the putting surface) and Hal Sutton hitting a 9i I believe.
  9. If you're hitting your 7i pure 90% of the time as a 28 handicap, time to update your handicap? :)
  10. To maximize your scoring potential in this exact situation, in this exact round, on this hole, then yes you need to go the route of the layup. However, if you want to look beyond the immediate score, and look towards your "future" scoring potential, you need to get comfortable with your 3 wood. Seriously, if you really want to improve you need to learn how to hit the 3 wood, and in order to do that, you need to practice and play with it. Not trying to knock your abilities but just thinking back on my past experiences, but at around the 20 cap level I would say that in general when laying up
  11. If he doesn't get his health and his act together? He last won at the Shell Houston Open in April 2010 which would give him a 2 year exemption on the PGA Tour right? That basically means that in 2012 he would have to place within the top 125 of the money list to retain full status on the PGA Tour for next year? And so far this year he's played 9 events, made the cut only twice, and has only banked $33K to date. Is he in serious danger of losing his card?
  12. Yeah saw it yesterday on TV and the only thought I had was that he's not a very bright guy. If anything he should have snapped the club that he was using to hack himself from one bunker to another and out of the rough. That's the one he should have broken if anything :) Not the putter which seemed to have been working for him.
  13. ERdiesel

    TPC Sawgrass

    That short? Was that from the furthest back non championship tee, i.e. Blue tees? I think the one episode of the Haney project where they had the chef Mario and his friend play the 17th hole, both of them used a 7i. I'm sure they're not long hitters, but hard to believe they would be using a 7i for a 100 yard shot even if they suck.
  14. Hey Captainslow, i'm around your age and same handicap and live in Hudson County as well (West New York) and am always looking for people within the same ability level to play with. Would love to expand my network of playing partners so hopefully we can meet up on a local course someday.
  15. Were you able to find out who might sell that special impact tape?
  16. Happens to us all. My suggestions as follows: 1) Take a week off from golf, meaning don't pick up a club and don't think about it 2) When you get back to the range after a week, as suggested by others, start with punch shots, 3/4 swings, etc. and work up to a full swing 3) For me, when I get into a weird groove and begin "shanking" it with irons, i've either started standing too close to the ball for whatever reason and/or have gotten to far inside and flat on my backswing.
  17. I've been following Swingbyte's progress since I caught wind of it over a year ago, and they used post screenshots comparing data from Swingbyte against #'s from a trackman and they were pretty close together. Curious that they've since taken those screenshot comparisons off their site a while back. But yes, I 've also read from another site where one of the founders of swingbyte is responding to questions said that you could customize specific input data to the system in regards to shaft length and flex and their mathematical "algorithms" would then do calculations to make the data output m
  18. Hi Iacas, considering that this thread got resurrected and that your original reply is almost 7 years old and i'm sure you've improved by leaps and bounds since then, if you've found your overall distances have changed/improved and if so what they might be now?
  19. Yes, it is that hard to groove a consistent swing..........and you can be a single capper and have days where you not only feel like a 25 capper but also post a score like one. Even the pros can post a score below par one day and then a 80 the next (mcilroy in the 2011 masters, posted a 65 in the first round and a 80 in the final). In fact plenty of examples abound. The point is, this is something that we all will struggle with no matter our skill level. Just hang in there. Also, sometimes, it's good to take a week or two off not playing and just recharge. I know it certainly helps me wh
  20. I've got one on pre-order and can't wait. As for "shaky" data, can't be any worse than some of the large retail box stores' "fitting" systems that claim i carry my driver 320 yards whereas on the course its no where near that number. Point being, i'm not expecting a $150 portable trackman but something to measure "relative progress" as in seeing my club head speed increase, my swing path improve, etc. I don't care if this device says i'm swinging the big stick on average at 120 mph when in fact i'm really swinging on average 110 mph as long as it works well enough to tell me that my average
  21. My biggest pet peeve is when playing with someone who's obviously not having fun on the course (usually the over analytical hyper-competitive weekend golfer who can't understand why he's hit bad shot after bad shot) and their joykill attitude makes it that much harder for you to enjoy your time on the course.
  22. Ummmm Bubba played hs golf and college golf, so the notion that he "never" got lessons of any kind is simply not true. What is probably true is that he never "paid" for said lessons.
  23. My gf and I are staying in Atlanta (extremely cheap for nice hotels like the hilton, sheraton, etc.) and will be making the 2.5+ hour drive early Monday morning to go to the practice round. Didn't even bother trying to find lodging in or near Augusta. Besides, my gf has never been to Atlanta, so figured for the other days we are down there, we can do some sightseeing. With that said, if I had tickets for more than one day, I definitely wouldn't be making that 5+ hour roundtrip on multiple days and would have tried to find lodging in or around Augusta.
  24. I highly doubt most of you with such negative comments on Tiger's life would be able to have your life held up under a microscope and have any "outsider" walk away thinking you're an awesome person, especially if all of the "negative" things you do are the ones that are summarized on the daily news reels. There's more coverage of the negative things tiger does and says on and off the course than there is about his foundation, the thousands of children his foundation has helped, the millions of $$$ that's he raised for charities, etc. etc. Its a sad commentary on the society that we live in, th
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