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  1. I won't watch a tournament played at a course owned by a known golf cheater.
  2. I know what the "correct" answer is, but I just do not care.
  3. The only real investing I have done is with my 401K and IRA, although I did have some in a mutual fund 30 years ago before I was married. I have always just put in the minimum amount to get the maximum match from my employer since I got my first post college job. I have mostly invested in target data funds although I have added a few other stock funds over the years. I have made very few changes (other than rebalancing to reduce stock exposure 1.5 years ago) and have not sold during any of the dips. Dollar cost average. Set it and forget it. I am 53 years old and while I don't have $1MM in m
  4. I've got a boring, somewhat conservative portfolio and I made more money in the stock market last year than I did from my job. I think that is mostly a sign of getting old and finally having enough invested to make some money. Or being underpaid. Or both.
  5. I received a 20% off code for accessories, so I might buy a couple things. I am not sure how much they charge for shipping, but shipping is free on orders over $49. I'll have to see how much it is worth ordering something additional just to get free shipping. Right now both my son and I have stand bags, so I might order the bag cozy. Part of me wonders if I should put that money towards a cart bag because I doubt I will every actually carry my bag. The main reason I have a stand bag is for convenience when practicing. I might order the XL cup holder or the cooler tube. I don't thin
  6. It doesn't appear to be. I might need to get the Clicgear Mitts accessory before I get the XL cup holder if I am going to play anytime soon.
  7. I just got a Clicgear 4.0 to help with my commitment to walk more this year. Now I just need the weather to cooperate so I can try it out.
  8. I've never had the flu in my life (53 years old). I have had COVID. I have had the flu shot every year for at least the last 10 years, maybe much longer. I didn't get the Moderna vaccine until after I had COVID. While my apparent COVID symptoms were more mild than some other people's flu symptoms, they were worse than my non-existent flu symptoms. Both viruses affect people differently. I hope COVID can be controlled at least as well as the flu.
  9. It looks like I can get a range membership for $250. I am not sure if it is worth it since I have a nice net set up in the yard and the course is not in between work and home.
  10. I paid $500 for the year on a Black Friday deal for my son and I at our local course, although I think they under charged me by either $25 or $50.. It is for green fees only and it is not a walker friendly course.
  11. I have now been Moderna-ized
  12. I'll second the Reel Feel Country Club Elite mats.
  13. I think I was exposed Nov 30 and started developing headaches within a couple days. The exposure was no later than Dec 7 unless I got it from someone other than my known positive coworker who was quarantined beginning Dec 7. If my exposure was that late, then the headaches are not related to COVID because they started the week before. I really haven't seen many other people. I tested negative on Dec 16 with no symptoms other than the headaches. I developed more symptoms on Dec 18 and tested positive Dec 21. It was a rapid test performed on-site at our hospital. This are known for false negat
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