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  1. If she's going to college then all bets are off.
  2. What happened on hole #7 with all the penalty strokes?
  3. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/srx700xxx/round/844546 This was a great 9 holes for me. It is about 7 strokes better than the norm. I have been fighting with the putter all season long. I cannot count how many 4 feet and in putts that don't hit the mark. Then it seemed like a 2 footer was 20 feet from the hole. Hopefully I can get that part under control.
  4. Congratulations! That is a very nice thing to let us in on. In my book, that's not bragging. I hope there are more wins in the future.
  5. Well, it was bad but I'll post it anyway. The overhead of this course does not show all the nooks and crannies that a ball finds its way into. Not a good place for a hacker as you can tell. My driver felt like it was running in reverse. I finally had a good showing on the Par 3's. That was about the only thing I can be happy about. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/srx700xxx/round/633683
  6. Right now I have a 13° and 18° woods in the bag. I do not have good luck with the 13° off the deck so I use the 18°. I hit them halfway decent off from a tee. If the ball is sitting up in the rough I will use the 18° without hesitation. I also have been swapping a 17° and 21° hybrid in and out of the bag and when I get comfortable with them I can see the 18° wood sitting it out. The distances between the 17° hybrid and 18° wood favors the wood by about 15 yards when struck cleanly. Edit: Clubs are Nike Covert Tour models so the lofts can be adjusted.
  7. This round is over a month old but hole #3's hole-in-one will probably be the highlight of my fledgling golf career. I got out of work 4 hours early to play but got sidelined for awhile when some lady decided to t-bone me halfway home. I got snapped sideways pretty good and the left side of my face felt weird. My neck and shoulders were so so and the next day were not good. Oh well, might as well do what I set out to do. This was also my best round ever (tied later on). Nothing great but I did break a goal I set out for this year. I've done it 7 times so far..... yahoo! I see I was slicing them. A foursome let me play through but I told them I would skip hole #6 and finish it up later. Boy did it ever end up later! I played a 215 yard drive in total darkness, skulled a 9 iron on a downhill lie way past the back greenside bunker. I lobbed one back 43 yards and heard a plop on the green. I missed a long uphill putt and the proceeding little down hill putt to get out of there with a double. I was using the lights from the car dealership across the road to guide me! http://www.gamegolf.com/player/srx700xxx/round/565706?hole_id=19685163 Tomorrow I will be playing a beautiful course that will be eating me up. If it's not too bad, I put it up.
  8. I am at the point where I don't think I will be reporting anymore scores for handicap. They are going to be practice rounds because I am losing way too many balls because of leaves. It's not feasible to always be heading back to where you last hit without pissing people off. It totally wrecks an already meager game and only makes the blood boil when you see exactly where it lands and wait for any roll out or kicking to the side. You can search till the cows come home and not find the damned thing. A leaf blower would probably be illegal to carry. I have been using my hat to whisk a path to the hole. For some reason, they sure seem to go in more often when the path is laid out for you. It's cheap ball time.
  9. It's always a good time to scan the woods for lost balls while you are taking a leak. Make your stops 170 to 200 yards on the right side of the fairway.
  10. I played so bad that I seriously thought about not coming back for the rest of the year.
  11. I have bought a few of the switch blade types along with the prongs exposed. I have been using the switch blade types of late and they also have the course logo ball marker with them. I put one in my cart and walking bag. The only problem I have encountered with them is when they switch open by themselves and you have two sharp points trying to stab your leg or rip your pants. The long pants that I have been wearing have a pocket inside of the pocket and I try to put it back with the button side out. So far so good in that regard. The cheaper one (Maxfli) does the same. Just a little design flaw that could be easily fixed. As of late, I have not used mine much for my own shots because I seem to be either on the fringe or just in the high grass and a little chip or pitch does not leave anything. I do fix any that I see and some of them are so obvious when you are getting near the green. People are just lazy but I'm sure they would be complaining if there putt for birdie took a different path because of a crater. When I was playing today and having a hell of a time getting on the green (par 4, 20 yard chip for four ) I noticed someones ball on the green. It was from a nasty slice way up the hill on an adjacent hole. I made a comment that I see you are hitting the greens better than me. He took a drop just off the green and blasted a wood a long ways off and took off. His ball mark would have swallowed up 3/4 of a ball. I fixed it up after one putting.
  12. I was thinking the same thing about hitting the sweet spot and having less vibration. I did see one of mine fly off while out on the course (well, a little off). It was in that same area as before. The ground down there is very hard and I have a hell of a time hitting anything decent to get back on the fairway or make a stab at the green through the trees. That one also had silicon on it (Golf Pride Tour Wrap grip). I have heard of Game Golf sending tags for free that have been lost. It might be worth a shot especially if you are a regular user of the product.
  13. I got home one day from a round and was cleaning my clubs when I noticed my 5i tag was missing. I dumped the bag upside down in case it was in the bottom. I went and uploaded my round and seen the last 5i tag was on number 7 hole from a driver slice off the tee. I am real familiar with the area. I asked my brother if he wanted to go on a search at the golf course. It was dark out but we found it in probably 30 seconds of search. It was about 5 feet from where I remember taking the shot. The mowers in the morning would have made it a lost cause. I did away with the silicon and have been using medium super glue. I have removed them after doing it when I was switching my wedges around a couple of times.
  14. I played a round with someone last year that always seems to be just a little better when I worked my tail off getting a bogey or double. I've seen them whiff or hit it a foot in the thick rough but they don't count them. When they go into the trees and you happen to see there ball sitting right up next to the trunk finds them hitting their next shot with no obstructions at all. It's no biggie because they are only cheating themselves but you can bet your life that I'd be calling them out if it was for money. It does get annoying when they say they "smoked you" at the lunch table at work. I think the best one was when we both tee'd off from and elevated tee box, over a creek, and hopefully to a reasonable landing zone on a sharp dogleg left hole. Too far and you have big trees to deal with or you are in the woods or creek below if you try and cut the corner to hard. I tee off and hit one straight that just went a little to far of the fairway landing area and in the rough with a good look at the green between two big trees. His tee shot hooks around the trees to our left and goes out of sight. Judging by the ball flight, I thought for sure he would be in the creek on that side of the hill with the amount of spin that was on it. We get down there and ride up and down that side for probably 8 minutes looking for his ball. The grass was recently cut so things are easier to see. Up and down we went but no ball in sight. I said go up and hit another for your third or drop one down in this area and take two penalty strokes so you are hitting four. That got the ball a rollin' because he then proceeded to drive a few passes up and down about a cart width on the edge of the fairway. There is no way in hell that ball could have ended up anywhere in that zone. I happened to be turning my head as we are riding along and seen a ball rolling to a stop behind us. He makes a turn and says "There it is". The ball is sitting up on a freshly driven area and could have been seen from 100 yards away when we drove across the bridge at the bottom of the hill. We went over this area too many times to mention. He bomb dropped it on me as we were riding along. I was chuckling inside that it was hard to not have it bust out. To go to that length to get bogey or double with our talents is beyond me.
  15. You sound like a candidate to be buying Lowest Score Wins. Just curious, what are the lofts of your woods, rescues, and 5i?
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