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  1. Fourputt

    USGA/R&A Finalize 2019 Rules of Golf

    If 12 years in retirement hasn't completely eroded my right triangle solving skills, It appears that for each degree that you are off your aim, you would miss your mark by 17.5mm per meter of distance. The longer the putt, the more total error, and the less useful such an aiming assistant would be. I agree that such a short line is more of a mental help than physical. If it helps make a more confident stroke, then have at it, but it really doesn't do much as an actual physical asset.
  2. Fourputt

    USGA/R&A Finalize 2019 Rules of Golf

    This appears to be an "intent" situation. If the intent is to mark the ball, then no issue. If the intent is to assist with alignment, then there might be an issue with the new rule. First, in the definitions the rules no longer appear to differentiate between line of play and line of putt. Line of putt no longer seems to exist in the new rules. Everything is based on line of play now, which is not necessarily a straight line as it once was deemed to be. The rule has also changed to expand the prohibition for indicating line of play. The entire green is now off limits for placing any object for the purpose of indicating the line of play. Taking that at face value, it seems to me that placing a ball marker which has an alignment feature on it, and orienting that feature with the line of play could be construed as in opposition with new rules 10-2b(2). The ball seems to be the only object that is exempted from this prohibition.
  3. This has to be one of the sillier discussions I've seen on the rules, either new rules or old ones. It's ridiculously simple to do, shouldn't be any reason I can think of for disputing it logically. It can't possibly be stretched into a debate over advantage or fairness or complexity. Of all of the changes for this season, this will be the one I will be least likely to have any trouble remembering or executing.
  4. Fourputt

    Tee or No Tee?

    I always used to call it "pinching" the ball. I realize that isn't what happens, but it's more of a mental key to help keep my hands ahead of the clubhead, and to strike the ball before the bottom of the swing path. The "feel" is that I'm trying to pinch the ball between the club and the ground, even though it never actually happens.
  5. It helps if you have long arms and short legs like I do (I'm 6'1" but only wear pants with a 30" inseam). I only have to lower the ball about 6 inches from standing straight up to get to proper drop height.
  6. Fourputt

    Tee or No Tee?

    I couldn't answer the poll, because "Sometimes" wasn't an option. I do it most of the time, but it depends on the turf and on what club I'm using. The tee boxes here at the 9 hole course I play on most weekdays has "lush" teeing grounds, and the grass is thick enough that the ball sits up as if it's on one of those brush tees anyway. It "feels" funny to try and tee it up when I don't really gain anything from the process. I also have never been able to figure out how to hit my 7 wood from a tee, and that's my 180ish club, so it's fairly common to play it on longish par 3 holes. I used to be all in with the "always give yourself a perfect lie when you can" crowd. I still do when the tee boxes are mowed fairly closely, but I tee very low as Erik said, no more than 1/8" above the grass, and usually the bottom of the ball is still below the tips of the grass blades.
  7. I think that I'll get used to it okay, but it's still going to feel odd for a while, just as it felt odd when they went from over the back of the shoulder to having the arm straight out. I think that the relative oddness will stick with us old farts longer, just because we have been doing it the other way for so long.
  8. Fourputt

    How Many Yards Does Hitting From a Divot Hole Cost You?

    How do you know? What is it that gives you the certainty that the bogey was caused by the lie? You don't post a handicap, so I can't what level of player you are, but in my experience, anyone can make a bogey at any time without any assistance from a bad lie. I'm far more upset with the Fates when I hit a perfect drive in the middle of the fairway, have a great lie and a great angle to the hole, then block the ball 20 yards right and make a bogey or a double with nothing to blame it on but my own ineptness.
  9. Fourputt

    USGA/R&A Finalize 2019 Rules of Golf

    I expect that this will be how it is mostly done at the start of the season, but I wonder how quickly it changes if they start to perceive an advantage with the flagstick in the hole. Savvy pros have always used the rules to their advantage as much as they allowed for, and I don't see this as being any different. If certain situations make it advantageous, we'll start seeing it more often, even with Thomas. Not sure how that affects anything. I've pulled balls out with the flagstick in and never caused any damage. Certainly not as likely to do harm as sticking a putter in the hole to pop the ball out.
  10. Fourputt

    Tour Pros and 2019 Rules (Running Topic)

    Yeah... that one jumped out at me too. Those mistakes have always seemed so obvious to me, yet for some people On a different note, I watched the play at Kapalua for a few minutes on Thursday, and say my first example of a pro tapping in without removing the flagstick. I don't even recall who it was that did it (might have been DeChambeau, I saw him on a couple of shots), but I have to say that despite knowing the new rule, it still looked odd. I like DeChambeau's comments about it. He has apparently been running his own tests, and he agrees with Erik that leaving the stick in the hole is advantageous. I'll certainly be leaving it in on most of those 3-5 foot knee-knockers where I'd rather have the option of being a bit more aggressive.
  11. Fourputt

    Failure To Include an Unknown Penalty

    Off topic still but I couldn't resist:
  12. Fourputt

    What's Worse: 50 Yds Away in Rough or 100 Ft Putt?

    Doink!! No contest. If you can't regularly get the 100 foot putt closer than the 150 foot pitch, then you need more time on the practice green. Too many variables in that 150 foot pitch, including lie and how badly you may have short-sided yourself. While I don't fear a 50 yard pitch, I'm MUCH more comfortable putting than I am chipping when given a choice.
  13. I'll post again since my last one was 5 years ago. My feelings haven't changed - always shake hands unless I'm just playing with my brother. Don't even think about taking off my hat - don't see any disrespect in that. A sincere handshake and a statement about how much I enjoyed the round, congratulating him on a good round if appropriate, should be quite sufficient to show my respect. I agree with Erik that it's a relatively recent thing, mostly inspired by watching TV golf. I do remove my hat indoors, as I was taught by my grandmother. I don't wear sunglasses when I play golf, so that isn't a factor.
  14. Like you, I'd owe what little I've been able to absorb from Jack Nicklaus and "Golf My Way". I use a similar open stance for putting, and I use the spot aiming method that I first read about in his book. I started playing in about 1974 when Jack was in his prime, so after devouring his book, it was natural to pick up some of his mannerisms, but to actually say that my game in any way resembled his would be pure fantasy.
  15. Those "pigtails" were caused by the square grooves on your short irons and wedges. The sharp corners would shred the covers on urethane balls. Even my relatively slow swing would shave the cover of a Pro V-1. When those groves were banned, the shredding stopped for me. I don't think I ever played a balata ball with a square groove wedge, so I don't know how that would come out, but I don't think it would have been a good mix.

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