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understanding launch angle

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so I was measured on a launch monitor and my average numbers are (with 10* driver, Rflex shaft)

ss 95mph

launch angle 17

spin 3500

ball speed 142

which gives me an average carry of 230.

Playing with the http://www.flightscope.com/index.php/Technology-Explained/trajectoryoptimizer.html if I decrease the spin to 1800 and increase launch to 24* I get a carry of 244 - which is a big improvement

my question is, is it realistic to be able to achieve a launch angle of 24* with a driver and reduce the spin down to 1800? If I wanted to get less spin what time of shaft would help. I have a pretty sound swing


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No, it's not realistic. If you are averaging 230 yards carry with a swing speed of 95 mph, you are almost perfectly optimized.

Read this if you want to understand why it is hard to simultaneously increase launch angle and decrease spin.



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Awards and Achievements

thanks very much Stretch, that's an excellent article. I guess I need to try and find a little more speed if I want a little more distance.


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      No problem.  I'm not tired of responding to sincere and thoughtful posts, like yours, even if it rehashes stuff from before because OF COURSE it is unrealistic to expect people to read 3000 posts before commenting.  In any case I have that quote in a file and it was simple to post it - much simpler and politer than saying "go find it , it's here."  I DO think that one should maybe at least read a smattering of such a big thread before jumping in,   But I have no patience whatsoever with the "I saw Jack play" and "he was nice at a clinic" type posts or posts by people who try to claim some special credibility because of some entirely personal subjective connection.  But that isn't you. As to the rest, you asked for the exact quote and I gave it to you.  If you want to argue with what he said, that is another matter and does not concern me, since my position is that even if we, arguendo, say that the field strengths did NOT get better, Tiger's career was so much more dominant than Jack's that it doesn't matter.  I don't NEED to make a stronger field argument to make the case that Tiger dominated golf in a way and to an extent that no other golfer has ever dominated golf.  And he did it for 15 years (after an absolutely unprecedented career as an amateur) which, IMO, is long enough that it no longevity argument could overcome the sheer dominance advantage his career embodied.   The fact that all that is true in the face of field strength increasing is just icing on the cake.   
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      I've often thought about going with an X flex driver shaft.  I may get an adapter from My Titleist 910 and experiment.
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