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TST St. Louis area golf outing!

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Hello fellow Midwest trappers.

Spring has finally arrived and Winghaven golf course is pristine.

I mentioned back in the winter I would promote a spring TST outing.

My club has a Member/Guest special several times during the season.

There is an outing is next Wednesday. This is a great event and a great deal for guests.

I will need to know by Sunday evening from those who would like to attend.

I will try to host another opportunity in June for those who are unable to attend.

Club Rat

-1:00 pm shotgun start
-4 person team best ball, 1 best ball of the 4 (18 holes)
-A member may bring 1, 2, or 3 guests.
-Men will play from the pre-selected tees
-USGA handicap NOT required.  Members or guests without a handicap will have one determined after play.  If you have an established handicap, it will be used for the event
-Flights will be determined based on the team score
Entry Fee:
-$250 per foursome
-Members bringing 1 guest will be paired with other members bringing 1 guest, thus making a team.
-Or, a member may bring his own team of up to 3 guests.
-Open to all male members of the Club
-Entry Fee Includes: dinner, drink tickets, prize money, course contests, guest fees, and cart fees
-Closest to the Pin on all par 3’s (guests)
-Closest to the Pin #4 and #12 (members)
-Long Drive #11 (members and guests)
-Gift Certificates will be awarded for the top teams in each flight & the contest winners
-Scorecard playoff for all flight winners, all other ties will split prize money
- May 12 @ 5:00 pm
*due to the fact that most guests don’t have handicaps, scoring for this event takes a while, please be prepared to stay, socialize, have dinner
and drinks after play

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I had the pleasure of playing with John this past week at his clubs guest day. Thanks again John for a great day of golf! It was a lot fun and John was a real trooper putting up with my game while playing in the rain for most of the day" :-). John has a solid and consistent game, fun to watch. If anyone ever has the chance, take John up on his offer to play. Winghaven is a very nice course but more important, everyone was extremely friendly and welcoming to the guests, a great day. Thanks again John, fairways and greens.

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