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Sort of.

Just bought my son new i15's (including the 3 iron which is the subject of another thread) to replace his starter set.

He and I are more or less the same height, but I swing flat and he swings upright, so I measure out to gold dot on the hitting board while he's a black dot. We had that checked at several different places, and checked ball flight too, and it was always the same. Weird.
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Re: kaching!

yeah i have a swing plane thats in-between flat and upright... sort of a hogan-style swing, and i always get fitted for standard lie clubs...

but i've played with red dot, black dot, blue dot, and green dot ping irons irons in the past, and the only time i noticed a difference was when i played my dad's greens. my 2nd set of irons is a set of black dot ping g5's that i wish were i5's.

congrats on your boy's new irons, i hope he likes them. especially the 3 iron.
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