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Filling My First Bag

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I start playing about 3 weeks when my father in law took me to a driving and i was hooked from that point on. I am currently using his travel clubs. I want to get my own bag and own set of clubs. I am a rookie when it comes to what clubs i need. All I know is what he has in his bag. I am looking not to spend to much money on this since it my first set.



Should i go through a major chain store like golfsmith or a pro shop?

What some of the good companies out there?

What clubs do i need?



I am such a rookie but we all need to start some place to master the great game.



Can anyone help me?

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IMO, look for used - Craigs List, Ebay, Driving Ranges, Golf Galaxy etc. I would say try to find a used set where someone bought straight off the shelf without any custom fitting and nothing funky (like offset clubs meant to give someone a draw instead of a slice). With woods make sure they aren't Regular stifness shafts (unless your swing is really slow). When I got back into golf after a few years layoff I went with a set of Wilson Staffs which were very reasonably priced and was able to do just fine with that set before moving to a more expensive fitted set.

If you stick with it you will probably be able to make most of the money spent if you sell them used on Ebay or such. Don't go overboard for your first set unless you can really afford to.

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Decent advice, except your comment on shaft stiffness. I'd bet the farm his swing is better suited for a Regular flex, versus a stiff. Waaay too many people buy a shaft too stiff for their swing, and their distance (and accuracy to a lesser extent) suffers.


The best thing for him to do is to get on a simulator and see what his swing speed and launch angle actually are. Even if he's going to buy something off the used rack, it's a worthwhile exercise to understand what he *should* be playing.

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I recommend going on the cheap and buying used for your first set of stuff.  The more you play the more you will figure out what you want to spend money on and what you dont.   I think 3Balls golf is a good place to buy used equipment at a decent price.  

Having said that, I would invest in a decent stand bag if you walk.  In terms of club selection, I would recommend picking up one or two hybrids instead of a 3 or 4 irons.  They are easier to hit than your long irons.  As for the putter, get one that looks good and feels right.

Don't over analyze for your first set of clubs.   That way when you become fully addicted you can blame your equipment to justify going to the golf store more often.

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I would hold onto your father in laws clubs as long as possible. (alhough I can understand wanting to run out and buy your own.) The longer you wait, the more informed you will be one what you want/need. I am speaking from experience. I got a set on hand me downs from my father in law when I decided that I was taking up the game. After my first time on a course I went out and bought all brand new clubs, only to replace pretty much all of them within 6 months.

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good advice guys and thank you. my only things is that my father in law uses those clubs when he comes to visit for maryland so thats y i was thinking of getting my own set. so then when he come to visit, he has a set and i have mine then we can go play. i was talking to the guys at the pro shop at the driving range i go and he had good used sets. if i want to go new, he recommended adamsgolf irons. are they any good? they were really good priced to. a full set from 4-putter was only 250.

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Adams makes nice stuff. Does he have a demo set you can take out to the range and try out?

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i am not sure. i can ask next time i there. which will be this weekend. i am also looking at golfsmith right now to see what they have and prices. should i go there or no?

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Sure go to the Golfsmith or whichever store. Though I am of the opinion you are better off hitting at range where you can watch the balls full flight rather than hitting into a net in the store. The range should be able to let you try the used clubs. Around here they might put a piece of duct tape over the face to try to prevent marking up the club but it won’t adversely affect your assessment of the clubs as far as I have been able to tell.


In short try a few different sets and try to hit them where you can see the full ball flight. Also before you buy I would suggest checking something like Ebay and used clubs online to see what the set you are intending to purchase are selling for. For me I am willing to pay more to the range that let's me try before I buy. If they are 10-15% higher (after shipping) I am willing that pay that extra fee for the service they provided.

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I differ with some posts here.


As a beginner, I suggest you get fitted --A STATIC FITTING. Have the guys at Golfsmith measure your hand-to-ground, your height, and guess as to the swing speed you will have after a few months of playing -- are you athletic and strong? played baseball or hockey?


Then choose clubs that fit your body and the swing you want to have. If you choose clubs by hitting balls, you will end up with clubs that fit your only-played-a-little swing. If you buy standard off-the-self clubs, you will create a swing with compensations that allow you to hit it straighter even if they don't fit you. YOU WILL NOT PAY MORE BY ORDERING YOUR CLUBS TO YOUR SPECS. You just need to wait a week or two to get them. Adams makes great clubs and has great beginner sets.


I changed everything about my swing in 2005. I got a static fitting that told me I was standard length, one degree flat, and regular flex. I was playing 2* upright and stiff shafts. I learned to hit those fitted clubs knowing that they fit the swing I wanted. If the ball did not go like I wanted, it was the swing and not the clubs. Changed the shafts when my swing speed increased due to technique. Just got new clubs this year with the same measurements.


Maybe you'll be standard length and lie. If so, buy anything off the self. If not, order a few clubs that fit (5, 7, 9 PW, 3-wood and putter) and fill in the set as you play more and find that you are hitting the ball consistently enough that an 8-iron will be different than a 7-iron.


I think playing with clubs that fit your body is the number one thing any beginner can and should do.

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i like ur advice. i am going to try to go this weekend and see what they say. then see i can find clubs online cheaper. i am pretty athletic and strong but not like i used to be. i played baseball when i was 10 and i bowl now. i know that is one much thing in clubs, they are fitted to the player.

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I'd say you would be safe with regular flex shafts.

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ok. i will make a note of that take it with me and see what they say. 

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Yeah, the reality is most golfers should have regular flex shafts but their egos cause them to buy stiff shafts (me included, but I am now reverting to regular shafts as I fine tune my club selection).  I always laugh when I hear of golfers talking about their "wicked slice" with a stiff shaft...well buddy, the stiff shaft is part of the problem if your swing speed is not suited for stiff flex!  Do not fall for a stiff flex unless you know your swing speed and/or have a tendency to hook the ball.

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Because I was learning a new swing, checking swing speed was not relevant. So, my teacher suggested graphite (for my sometimes sore hands and anticipating lots of range work) and regular flex. I few years later I found my distances were inconsistent with a too-high ball flight. So, I had a dynamic fitting -- one where I hit balls. I was fitted for steel stiff shafts. My point is, as you start, learn to hit a regular flex shaft, Once you have a swing that is close to consistently what you want, get a dynamic fitting. I'm 52. I would guess that in 10 years, I'll need to re-vist my shaft flex with another fitting.

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so the shaft makes all the difference. i am hitting pretty solid but i do send it sharp to the right sometimes.  i need to clear it with the wife first but i am heading to golfsmith and talk to them.

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I find it very hard to hit a slice with a 2x Stiff shaft. In fact my stiff shaft is more likely to produce a slice. I'm weird like that though... left footed but right handed.

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i am writting all this down so i know what to ask the guys this weekend

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