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I am missing all of my putts right

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About a month ago I started just not making anything over like 10 feet.  Literally can go out and hit 14 greens and make one birdie.   I have always been a straight back and straight through putter.   I was using a Scotty Cameron 2.6.   I recently even bought a center shafted two ball Odyssey and put an oversized, ok jumbo, Winn group on it.   I actually lag putter even better with this putter, but still can't help but miss putts right.  


I probably need to give more information on this, but any tips that may be something I need to look for or check would be great.  And please, no one tell me to aim further left, this somehow hasn't helped either.   


I am striking the ball as good as I ever have, and can't get a putt to fall.   Any help ( maybe center shafted putters aren't for me? ) would be appreciated.   Thanks 

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Check to make sure that you arent bringing the club to the inside on your backswing and make sure you have your eyes over the ball on your setup.

If you dont have your eyes over the ball its going to totally screw up your aim.

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aim left

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As simple as chipotle's advice sounds. I'd recommend equally as simple advice.


Keep your head still.


A lot of people like to watch their ball fall into the hole, more often then not they peek even before the ball has been struck. Your head comes up, your shoulders open to the target, you push your putt. Gary Player says to listen for the ball to fall into the hole. This is extra important on the downhill sliders. Keep yourself as still as possible.

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Check your alignment. It could just be where you are aiming.

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I was pushing the ball right too until my golf pro noticed I was bringing my core up while I putted. Keep your head down yes but you need to keep your core down too.

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Are you swinging the putter with your arms or rocking your shoulders? Putting with the arms can lead to pushes.

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I've just recently experienced the same issue after 20 years of pulling putts left.  I noticed Friday that the ball had crept back in my stance to the center instead of below my LEFT eye (slightly forward).  To fix this, I took an old CD (one I got in junk mail) to the practice putting green and placed the ball in the hole.  I set-up over the ball and make sure I can see my reflection of my right eye in the CD behind the ball.  Putt the ball from the CD with your chest or sternum, the same turn around your central core or spine as in full shots.  This seemed to cure my pushes.

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Couple of things.


Ball could be to far back in your stance (not slightly left of center)? 


Secondly, if all things are equal with your setup and aim, then I noticed the putter equipment you're playing is all setup to prevent the hooking of putts. Your Newport 2.6 doesn't have much Toe Hang.  Also, I'm not to sure but the center shafted two ball Odyssey, I'm sure, is also fully face balanced or has a slight Toe Hang and coupled with the oversized grip, you are doing everything possible to eliminate putts from going left...lol.


Maybe play around with a normal gripped Toe Hang putter that will close easier and who knows, that may just get your putts moving down your line.  If a putter with extreme Toe Hang gets you hooking putts, then you know somewhere inbetween is where you need to be.



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