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Datrek Stand Bags

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Searched the forums and didn't really see anything on them. I could get the Sabre for around 85 bucks, seen here: http://www.datrek.com/product-sabre.php


Just wanted to know if anyone has used this brand, or even this particular model? It looks like a nice bag, but just want to get some other input/reviews.

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I haven't had that brand of bag before, but a friend has and he seems to like it.  The quality seems to be pretty decent and that price ain't bad for a decent bag.  The top is a little unique... it kind of reminds me of the Ogio Woode top.  Actually, now that I think about it, it kind of reminds me of a combination of the Woode top and the Twister top found on Mizuno bags.  I've had an Ogio bag with the Woode top and liked that one if that's worth anything.

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Hey Tristan, thanks for the reply. I'm still shopping around for bags, so if you know of any other decently priced ones, please let me know! Right now I'm using a $30 Cougar bag I got from Target but after 3 years it's starting to fall apart. It's actually pretty nice, and better than you'd think, but this Datrek bag seems to be so much better. If you know of any decent bags you've had a chance to see in person, let me know, thanks!

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We can get these over here in Aus although not a gr8 variety.

Sun Mountain are going to be avail here soon and i love the hybrid stand bag.

Alas, maybe out of your price range but looks the ducks nuts. Worth considering.


Cheers from Aus

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Datrek golf bags?

Thoughts on Datrek spitfire stand bag.

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I bought a Datrek bag about a year ago online for about $85 and am very satisfied with it. It seems to be holding up well and would seriously consider buying another one when in the market again.

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I bought one at the start of the 2013 season and it has held up fine.  Performs as advertised.

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